Burger King will let you use your iPhone to pay for your Whopper

Burger King to let you pay for your Whopper with your iPhone

Burger King will soon let customers pay through their iPhones in all of their U.S. locations. The program will begin in April, and roll out to all 7,000 U.S. stores in the next few months. In addition to paying for meals, Burger King will also present mobile users with deals for things like drinks or free fries. Part of the motivation behind this program is to appeal to younger customers, according to Bloomberg:

“What younger consumers are looking for is the ability to use their phones to do everything,” he said. “The cell phone has replaced the wallet.”

Do you want to use your phone to pay for your Whopper? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Bloomberg

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is a news reporter for iMore. He's also chilling out and having a sandwich.

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SoCalMacGuy says:

Works well for Starbucks, I'll give it a shot.

Laxan07 says:


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JsLee14 says:

They can't lose by doing this, this will help them out for sure

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pwrof3 says:

Sure, I'd try it out. Now, I don't really eat fast food anymore, so Who knows when I'll try it.

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Furt says:

Do you want to use your phone to pay for your Whopper?

YES I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jrod986 says:

Hopefully Wendy's follows suit; them nuggets are delicious. And Popeyes, or even a classy dine in place for classy people. Like Applebees.

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Gus2259 says:

I use the Starbucks Passbook app a lot. I hope that Burger King, McDonald's and others will follow using Passbook. I'd rather not have to use different systems for each.

nikkisharif says:

I don't frequent BK very often but I think this is a great idea. I use my Starbucks app & Passbook all the time & its so convenient. More places need to follow suit!!!

nadnosliw says:

Yeah - but first BK need to open some more restaurants so I can go there! Too many McD's round here. No competition if only BK had more places.

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Fit24 says:

I don't eat at BK but it's a good idea for their customers.

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