UPDATE: Camera+ for iPhone coming back to the App Store

Camera+, the iPhone photography application that was pulled from the App Store after tap tap tap programmed an easter egg which allowed the the volume buttons to be used as a shutter release, is on its way back into the App Store.

For those of you who’ve been clamoring to hear some news on the ultimate photo app, Camera+, we’ve got some great stuff for you… our newest version is now finished and in review in the App Store, so it should be available anytime now.

tap tap tap goes goes on to say that this is the biggest update for Camera+ yet and that it will not disappoint.

Who's looking forward to what the new and improved Camera+ has in store for us?

UPDATE: The update is out. Go grab it and let us know what you think!

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

[tap tap tap, thanks Arnab!]

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

UPDATE: Camera+ for iPhone coming back to the App Store


They'll have to do something really outstanding for me to care. There are so many other good camera apps out there these days.

They are awesome and I will support them. They are all about the user. They deserve our support.

Unless there's something really fabulous about the new version, I'll stick with the old one which let me use the volume button for shutter release (really the only reason I got it).

If it weren't for it being pulled, Camera+ would have DEFINETLY beat Hipstimatic as the #1 iPhone app of the year! So glad I havn't purchased any other apps.

Is there any app that will let you pause a video that you are taking? It's a pain every time you stop a video it creates a new mov file.

ProCamera is one hell of a camera app, it's replaced Camera+ on my home screen after that 3.0 update hit. I'm willing to bet that Camera+ has had their eye on this app for awhile and will keep up with the features it has. I have high'ish hopes for this new update!
@arnab -- Got to disagree with you there. Not a snowballs chance in hell that Camera+ would have beaten Hipstamatic as iPhone app of the year if it didn't get removed. Tell me, do you use Facebook at all? If so, you should already know that Hipstamatic dominates.

Disappointing Camera+ release.. I think they lost against ProCamera.. the update history of ProCamera is also very promising and telling us that they have the customer in mind..

I just wish someone would release a good time lapse video app like the old iTimeLapse Pro. It was awesome until iOS 4 came out, and doesn't work well with iPhone 4.