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Apple Music

Apple Music hits 20 million subscribers by putting hip-hop front and center

Apple has revealed that Apple Music now boasts 20 million subscribers.

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Best new playlists, shows, and exclusives on Apple Music

Apple Music is always adding new tracks, radio shows, and playlists to its catalog, and every week we'll bring the best of what it has to offer! This week, check out Matt Wilkinson's interview with The Rolling Stones and tune into new episodes from Jehnny Beth and Anna Lunoe.

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Apple Music Student Memberships arrive in 25 additional countries

Student Memberships for Apple Music are now available in 25 additional countries, including Brazil, Canada, and India.

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Apple Music matches Drake vs. Benchpress

Remember Taylor Swift vs. her treadmill? Well Apple Music is back and this time they've booked Drake vs. the benchpress!

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How to add songs to the Music app

Here's how to add music to the Music app on iPhone or iPad.

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How to check if your Mac's songs are uploaded, matched, purchased, or Apple Music DRM-laden

Not sure if your iCloud Music Library songs are uploaded, matched, purchased, or DRM-laden? Here's how to check.

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How to reset iCloud Music Library for Apple Music and iTunes Match

Running into 4010 errors or mismatched artwork and need to clear out your matched and uploaded songs? Here's how to go about doing it.

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How to back up your iTunes library

How do you back up your iTunes Library so you know all your music, movies, TV shows, and more are safe and sound? Like this!

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Seeing "Apple Music" instead of "Matched" on your iTunes tracks? Here's the fix!

How do you get your Mac's songs to show up as Matched if you're using Apple Music? We've got a couple of things to try.

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How to download all your music from iCloud Music Library to your Mac

If you don't have a backup and your songs are scattered across multiple computers, you can use iCloud Music Library to unify your libraries on one computer. Here's how.

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