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How to download and install macOS 10.12.1 on your Mac

An update to macOS Sierra is live. Here's how to download it.

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How to use the Dock on your Mac

You can use your Dock for more than shortcuts to frequent apps: You can also save important folders and files that you use a lot! Here's how to master it.

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How to customize or disable Optimized Storage on Mac

You can customize some of the data that is or isn't stored in iCloud. Strike a balance between hard drive and iCloud storage.

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How to download macOS Sierra 10.12.1 public beta 5 to your Mac

macOS Sierra is more than just a name change, and the fifth public beta of version 10.12.1 is now available. If you want to try it out, you'll need to sign up, enroll your Mac, download Sierra, and install it. We're here to walk you through it and, if you need it, a place to get extra help.

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How to download macOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta 5 to your Mac

If you are a developer and want to know what to expect in macOS Sierra, here is how to install macOS 10.12.1 beta 5.

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How to change your Mac's login password

Your Mac should have a long, strong password. If it doesn't, you should change it.

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Best password manager apps for Mac

Easily remembered, broadly repeated passwords are for suckers. Writing them down to type back in, or copy/pasting them each time is not only a hassle, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Here are the best password manager apps for Mac so that you can keep 'em secret and keep 'em safe.

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How to use Picture-in-Picture anywhere on your Mac

Picture-in-Picture doesn't have to be relegated to one of the four corners of your Mac screen. You can move it anywhere you like!

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What would you change about macOS Sierra?

macOS 10.12 Sierra comes with a bevy of new and updated features — but what do you want to see in macOS 10.13?

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How to use Keyboard accessibility features on Mac

If you have trouble using a keyboard with your Mac, there are accessibility features that can help out. Here's how to enable and use them!

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