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How to set up and start using Photos on your Mac

Learn how to set up and start using Photos on your Mac like a pro!

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How to sell your ebooks in the iBooks Store

How do you become a famous author? Step 1: Start publishing to iBooks!

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Perfect gifts: Order personalized picture books, cards, and calendars right from Photos for Mac!

Thanks to Photos on the Mac, you can create, order, and ship the perfect bundle of memories without having to leave your house!

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How to use Markup in the Photos app on Mac

The Markup editor from OS Sierra let’s you get maximum creative with your photography masterpieces!

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How to connect an AirPrint printer to your Mac

You've no need to muck about with printer drivers and software if you've got an Apple device and a printer that supports AirPrint (chances are you do) — with AirPrint you can connect to and print from your printer so long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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How to use Memories in Photos for Mac

How do you rediscover all the amazing moments lost inside your library? With the Memories feature in Photos for Mac!

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How to screenshot your Mac

macOS makes it incredibly easy to screenshot your Mac, either the full screen, the full app window, or any area you like. Here's how!

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How to use Brilliance in the Photos app for Mac

How do you make dark, dreary photos lighter and brighter? With the Brilliance tool in Photos for Mac!

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Awesome Touch Bar apps you won't find in the Mac App Store

Mac App Store has all the Touch Bar apps Apple approved. So what about the Touch Bar apps Apple didn't approve. Well...

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How to use Places in the Photos app on Mac

Figuring out where all of your picture-perfect memories took place is easier now with Places!

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