Control Iron Man Via Your iPhone

Ok, well you really can't control Iron Man, but the lucky French can use their iPhone to control their soon to be released Iron Man Blu-Ray disc. This title will be the first to utilize NetBlender's BD Touch technology that allows your Blu-ray movie to interact with your iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application, called "Remote Haxey", will allow viewers to "download trailers, play a game that's integrated into the movie, and use your iPhone as a remote control, among other as-yet-unrevealed "features". Unfortunately for those of us in the USA, this will not a be a feature of our version of the Iron Man Blu-Ray disc.


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Control Iron Man Via Your iPhone


is this the iron man Blu Ray disc that forces your PC/other device to download internet content before allowing you to watch the movie, unless you configure your player not to automatically download content?

Please don't confuse BD-Live with the features I mentioned in the above story. It is not the same feature.

Glad to see the iPhone apps continue to mature and more capable apps are passing through the Apple screening process.
If you're interested, you can read about my experiences with many of the web and native apps I've used since my original iPhone and more recent iPhone 3G purchases on my blog at Just click on the index for a complete listing. John

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