Cydia Developer Starting App Store For Jailbroken iPhone Apps

The developer of Cydia, Jay Freeman, wants to take his creation to the next level. Freeman wants to turn the jailbroken app manager into a direct competitor of Apple's official App Store. For anyone not familiar with Cydia, what it does is act as a jailbroken application gateway. Every single jailbroken application out there is found via Cydia.

Currently, there are paid apps within Cydia but they require the use of Paypal and unlocking keys. Those are all set up by the developers of the apps themselves. Having an organized jailbreak apps "app store" would be ideal but it could also give Apple the nudge to really start going after the jailbreaking community. It wasn't long ago Apple claimed jailbreaking to be illegal.

According to Gizmodo, Freeman has already hired a lawyer. And TiPb thinks its for good reason... Now we all wait for a official response from Apple...

[Ed: We might have already seen the game plan in Apple vs. Psystar and the "John Doe" filings which may target the Hackintosh community -- Rene).

[Via Gizmodo]

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Reader comments

Cydia Developer Starting App Store For Jailbroken iPhone Apps


This is great news. I have bought several jb apps, like intelliscreen and swirly mms, and will surely by more with a proper store. Devs will find a place for the apps rejected by apple´s nazi censors.
Regarding jb illegality, may i remind you that even IF the US courts declare it illegal, that will mean NOTHING on the European Union and rest of the world. JB will continue, no matter what. I for sure won´t stop doing what i want with something i own.

wouldn't it be easier and cheaper for Apple to recruit/hire/payoff someone like Saurik instead of trying to lawsuit him into submission? Or try to BUY cydia.. much like how most dot coms are purchased based on revenue potential and traffic?

FFS this is just going to get Apple to crack down on jailbreaking. I don't love the method of paying for jailbroken apps, but I'd rather they keep a low profile and stay afloat, than get Apple's attention when people start making a lot of money outside of the App store.
When the apps are largely free there's not as much motivation for Apple to go after them. If paid apps become the norm on Cydia, suddenly it's a business problem for Apple because developers can make money while avoiding giving Apple a cut. This is probably the worst thing that can happen for the continued existence of jailbreaking, I'd say even worse than pirating.

I agree, this is going to attract Lawyers like flies to 4 day old fish.
Apple will fire up the DCMA sob story and scream bloody murder. The best Cydia can do is run for cover off shore.
These guys have handed apple a perfect excuse to go after them whereas before it wasn't worth their effort.

well It's more incentive for APPLE to go after them :(
But it's a great idea and hope it works out...I wish him luck.

I agree with PSM and Icebike. The iPhone is no longer a US only device, all business parties everywhere will get involved. I don't think it's wise to make such a move, specially if the store includes apps with price tags in the AppStore.
I do see the point, that Apple is too stupid to put so many restrictions in the sdk. It really is stupid. Ban simple programs like Southpark's App, while they have profanity/sexual oriented songs marked Explicit in iTunes. Why the control? Why ban Emoji, drive by GPS, folders and GUI customizing programs... What does it hurt?
Actually they are the culprit of all this jb crap going on. Britain wanted to control too much the 13 colonies, well look what happened, you got the USA.
I know that feeling of wanting freedom of choice, and Apple is denying that, for somthing that is mine and that I can do whatever I want with it! But be careful that as the japanese found out after attacking Pearl Harbor, we don't wake up a legal giant.
(what a bunch of bolony, didn't David kill Goliath? Yeah that's true. Ok the nevermind everything I said and everyone scream ....FREEDOM!!!!!! )

I hope Freeman goes through with it and rubs it through Apples moronic SDK! This is perfect! The perfect chance to show everything the iPhone can do if only Apple wouldn't be so conclusive about their stupid methods of doing stuff!
All in All Apple deserves this and it's finally coming. This will greatly induce JailBreaking fir it will be so more official than the curret Cydia.
Thanks Jay! Don't let Apple get you because we don't know what we would do if we didn't have Cydia! LOL :)

If Microsoft invented the iPhone, we would surly lock it down to only we can make money from it. We would pay developers like 19% of the price of the app. We want most of the proceeds, just like we get from games. Heck, we make the Game Price wars. Remember when games were 19.00, no more. MS standard price 49.99. We let developers keep 21%. At Microsoft, we love money and we want yours. We can always sell you an open phone for 1999.99. We did not connivence PC manufactures to go Windows all those years ago for nothing. Unlike Pinky and the Brain, we, Microsoft, will control the world. Next Stop... China. Once we have China, we win. I just love non-us programmers. They made us who we are.

Well theres no way i can put this to express my feelings. But i jailbroke my iphone 3g on 2.2.1 loved it ...upgraded jailbroke it had some issues but it was a trial run it wasnt perfected. then i did it again and its the shit. i have it all hahah. is there anyone who has any really good jailbroken apps via cydia?

I just jailbroke my iphone 2 days ago with this program, i have been hesitant about it for a long time and i finally did it with this program, it was the best decision i have made with my iphone, it runs, looks so much better. Awsome themes and apps. give Cydia 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for this one, Awsome job, Hopefully something for 3.1 will come out so more people can get it done

hey but if my iPod has warranty and it get a problem and I restore it can apple still find out it was jailbroken

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