Daily Tip: How to delete an iPhone or iPad app [Beginner]

How to delete an iPhone or iPad app

Brand new to iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, downloaded a few apps and games, and curious how to delete the ones you no longer use? It may not be obvious at first but once you learn how, it's really simple. We'll show you after the break!

To delete an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad app:

  1. Touch and hold your finger down on the app until it goes into "Jiggly Mode" (starts to dance around).
  2. Look for the small X badge at the top left of the app you want to delete
  3. Tap the small X badge
  4. A dialog box will pop up identifying the name of the app you're about to delete and warning you that you'll delete all the data in the app as well (your account login, game progress, etc.)
  5. If you're sure, tap Delete (if you're not, tap Cancel)
  6. If you decide not to delete an app, tap the Home Button to exit Jiggly Mode

Jiggly mode

That's it, your app is deleted! If you want to delete more apps, just tap their X badges in the same manner. Yes we know this tip is very basic but we need to help out new users too. If you want to flame us please sent the comments to chad.garrett@tipb.com. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

Tips of the day will range from beginner-level 101 to advanced-level ninjary. If you already know this tip, keep the link handy as a quick way to help a friend. If you have a tip of your own you’d like to suggest, add them to the comments or send them in to dailytips@tipb.com. (If it’s especially awesome and previously unknown to us, we’ll even give ya a reward…)

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Daily Tip: How to delete an iPhone or iPad app [Beginner]


I think these beginner tips are cool, but what about advanced user tips? I don't recall seeing any... ?

this tip belongs to a whole new category... for people who's been frozen for 10 years and just woke up.. =)

Thanks for the tip.
According to eHow.com you can remove stock apps as well. I do not have an iphone yet to try this out, but does the following instructions work?
Connect the iPhone to your computer that has iTunes installed. When you connect the iPhone, the computer takes a few minutes to register the connection and open iTunes. The iPhone also syncs with iTunes, so all applications, songs and settings are shown. View the left side of the iTunes window the stock app you wish to remove. Right- click the icon and select "Delete." Click the "Remove" button on the confirmation screen. Select "Move to Trash" when you are prompted to permanently remove the application. Once you click this button, the icon is removed from your list. The iPhone syncs with iTunes and the application is removed from the phone as well Right-click the iPhone icon on the left side of iTunes. Select the "Eject" menu option. This will safely disconnect the iPhone from the computer. Remove the USB connector from the computer. View the iPhone and the application should no longer be listed on the iPhone home screen.

I don't think it's possible to remove stock apps (like Weather, Stocks, YouTube). That method wouldn't definitely not work...stock apps don't appear in iTunes like that.

May need to expand on this. Depending how you have Itunes set up it may just redownload the app next sync..

I haven't been frozen in time- I have been waiting FOREVER to be an IPhone owner (Verizon due to where I live) and am thankful for your beginner tips! As a new user with high expectations, it can be a little overwhelming and simple tips like these help a lot! Thanks!

ive had itouches and ifonez j-broke and not jailbroke but thiz new ipad wifi 16 gig i CANT GET ANYYYY Of the appz to go into "jiggly mode" what iz up????? what am i doing wrong im not a newbee but im certainly not in the top of my class here...... thankz

Reboot by holding the home key and power button at the same time, wait for the apple logo to appear before releasing. This will remove the frozen download.

Thank you. In attempting to delete an app from my iPad, the "X" does not appear when the apps wiggle. Do I have this locked somewhere? I have looked under settings. No help.