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How to set your Music app to stop playing after a set amount of time

Like to go to sleep listening to your iPhone's Music app and curious how to get it to "sleep" after a set period of time? One of the most annoying things is waking up a few hours later and it is still playing. Especially true if you are listening to an Audio Book and have to scrub back through hours of audio to find where you stopped listening.

Well there is a better way! You can set your iPod to stop playing after a set amount of time. It is really easy to do and we will show you how.

  • Open up your Clock app on the home screen

  • Select the Timer

  • Set the amount of time you want the Music app to play for
  • Click on the When Timer Ends button
  • Scroll down to Sleep iPod

  • Click on Set
  • Start the Timer

  • Fire up the Music app, lie back, relax and enjoy
  • After the timer runs down, the Music app will stop

That is all there is to it, a simple but brilliant tip that I have just discovered myself!

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There are 22 comments. Add yours.

SusaexGeezer says:

Thanks. I will also us this to time the end of my workouts.

TBennettcc says:

Wicked awesome. The funny thing is, I've seen that option before at the bottom of that list in the timer, but had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

jclisenby says:

I never knew this existed. Do we know if it's iOS 5 only or on all OS's and devices?

Tz616379 says:

It was on the original iPhone with iOS 1.

Lewpop says:

I guess the alarm went off after 4 years. That feature was there with the original iPhone. Now, if you told us how to put pandora to sleep after 30 minutes, that would be something.

Guest says:

Just tried it with Pandora running and it worked.

Santhosh Nadal says:

Awesome tip.........i was waiting for this...........

Sri says:

I thought I was one among Power Users, but don't think anymore :(
Thanks for the tip.

west3man says:

iPad does not have a clock app on the home screen.
Please start telling us, at the beginning, when these tips are iPhone-only.

thechosenonee says:

If you actually read the article, it does. At the start even!

OMMBoy says:

What does your comment have to do with this article? Perhaps if you posted your question in the forums, you'd get a relevant answer :)

OMMBoy says:

What does your comment have to do with this article? Perhaps if you posted your question in the forums, you'd get a relevant answer :)

Magnum says:

Siri can't set timers... yet. Only alarms.

Ethan S says:

People who obviously don't know jack shouldn't post comments.

Guest says:

Ask siri to set a timer and she'll do it.. but only in minute increments. no seconds.

Kaka says:

my sansa clip+ with rockbox is better

Yi says:

this is awesome!
I wondered how to do that...cuz it was possible to do with ipods.

leannech says:

Awesome tip and it works with iOS 7...I've am one of those you mentioned who likes to go to sleep listening to an Audio Book and am so annoyed when I wake us hours later and it is still playing. Like that I can make my iPhone go to "sleep" after a set period of time. Thanks for the tip.