Dr. Dre fuels Beats acquisition rumors, references billions of Apple bucks in video

Dr. Dre seemingly confirms Apple's Beats acquisition

A video posted by actor Tyrese Gibson featuring hip-hop star Dr. Dre is adding fuel to $3.2 billion Apple/Beats negotiation rumors. In the video, Dre says:

"The first billionaire in hip-hop, right here from the motherf**king West Coast."

The video in question was originally posted to Gibson's Facebook page but was taken down, though it's still available on YouTube. Note that there's strong language so do proceed to watch through if you're not easily offended.

Beats Electronics is in an interesting position. Not only would Apple take control of its premium (arguably overpriced) headgear accessories, but also its new Beats Music on-demand streaming service. With Apple already heavily invested in the music industry, it would appear as a wise move to snap up a streaming service to compete against the likes of Google Play Music and Xbox Music, but we're still unsure what the plans are.

Source: The Next Web

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Reader comments

Dr. Dre fuels Beats acquisition rumors, references billions of Apple bucks in video


If they tie whatever they're going to rebrand Beats Music as to the $25 iTunes Match subscription, I'll definitely be dropping Spotify. Even if they increase the cost a smidge , I'll still be in. I love me some Spotify, but better to stick with the house brand.

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That video was a little over the top. Doesn't seem like it matches Apple's marketing agenda. You would have thought they would have them sign a clause to keep something like that from happening. SMH

Ummmm he just became a billionare.

He JUST became ........ A BILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's no such thing as over the top. Ratchetness is a must at this point. Not even an option. Lol. But seriously, how excited would you be? Forget professionalism.... He's a Billionare!!! He more than quadrupled his ridiculously high net worth....To billionaire status.

Lol I agree with you. Lots of people are upset with video but this was/is one of the happiest and proudest moments of his life.

I wonder if this is the affect of Apple's new marketing campaign & their answer to Sammy's celebrity selfies.
Definitely getting some Beats headphones if they have a glowing Apple logo on the ear cans.

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HARDWARE HARDWARE HARDWARE! ! ! ! ! IS THERE NO ONE ELSE THAT IS READING BETWEEN THE LINES HERE! I think we can agree to disagree that the iPhone/iPad speakers suck as do the headphones provided. Beats audio has already put their headphones in with the purchase of other cell phones that have come out. This acquisition allows apple to finally address an hardware issue that has needed a boost for some time now. Keep an eye out for BEATS headphones to come with the iPhone in the future as well as the built in speakers for iPhone/iPad to be BEATS AUDIO! ! ! !

That's when I wish they'd purchase AKG or Shure. But those dont have the hype or the streaming service. They stick to excellence.

Gz Apple, you'll buy a company which sells overpriced and bad headphones to hipster morons who don't have a clue about music.

And not only that, but an unethical company: Dre and friends stabbed the Monster partners in the back.

Oh, brother: I've been watching their business practices as closely as anyone, and I believe they've improved and letting Foxconn know thing need to get better (and have, according to watchdogs). They're not perfect, but Apple wouldn't do what Beats did to Monster.

i'm a bit of an audiophile therefore i don't care for beats, you're just paying more for the name and getting mediocre sound quality (good luck trying to make that argument with someone that owns them). They're nothing more than a fad. but dre is probably better off selling beats cuz the detox seems like it will never be released.

Lmao OMG! Like face it, Beats hardware suck. They are (like you said) a fad but I am dying at the Detox comment! Haha

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Everyone is claiming hardware but honestly Beats hardware is overpriced and quite crappy for what you're getting. I will admit, they do sound decent for songs with "beats" but when it comes to acoustics and, Heaven forbid, a soloist vocals they are absolutely terrible. However, using their Beats music app, I do hope that Apple implements the curation for iTunes Radio and the sort. Especially if they can keep the subscription service (iTunes Match) at the $25 price and provide even better matches for both, etc. this could knock the competition out the water! Or at least impede it.

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I compared a set of beats (legit versions instead of the often made knock offs) to the standard set of Ear Pods that came with my iPhone 5.

The beats were too bass heavy and lacked any tonal color in midrange (the important part...) or even crisp highs where the Ear Pods knocked them out of the park. For a studio headset keep away from my Sennhisers!