EU regulators to make decision on Apple's Beats acquisition by July 30

Beats and iPhone

Regulators for the European Union are taking a look at Apple's deal to buy Beats Electronics, and will decide if the deal can go through by the end of July. The European Commission can accept the deal completely, accept it with concessions from Apple, reject it, or open a deeper investigation. If the deal is approved, Apple will acquire Beats for $3 billion.

The deal was announced at the end of last month, with Apple includes the famous headphones, as well as the Beats Music streaming service. The music service is said to be worth around $500 million of the deal, while the headphone business is valued at around $2.5 billion. Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine will join Apple as part of the acquisition.

How do you think Apple's Beats purchase will fare with the European Commission? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: Reuters

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Reader comments

EU regulators to make decision on Apple's Beats acquisition by July 30


What does the EU have to do with 2 American companies business? Am I missing something? What happens if the EU blocks it in the US?

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Because they sell stuff there too? The world is bigger than the US ;-)

If they wouldn't approve it, they could demand new terms for the deal out they e.g. ban sales of Apple and beats products. But that won't happen since the deal isn't leading to anything like a monopoly.

yes but both beats and apple do -alot- of buisness in the EU think about all the iphones ipads macs and beats headphones sold in the EU it would be rather a big blow to them if the EU put a ban on all apples/beats products and disapproved the deal. A similar thing happened with apple's warranty a few years ago. Although apple is an american company it said unless it offers a warranty in europe up to EU standards (which were higher than current america standards) they would block sale of apple products and the tens of millions it was worth

They do business in europe, so an acquisition like this has to be approved there too.... Im 100% certain it will pass, but they have to look at it.