Everyday brings easy daily self-protraiture to iPhone

Everyday brings easy, social daily self-protraiture to iPhone

The new app Everyday for iPhone is simple in premise -- it helps you take a daily self-portrait. You can align today's photo based on a grid or yesterday's photo and, of course, you can share it via the usual social network suspects. From the minds and talents of William Wilkinson, Adam Lisagor (aka lonelysandwich), Noah Kalina, and Oliver White and is based on White's "Noah Takes A Photo Of Himself For 6 Years project.

Now I'm not sure I'd personally use it for self-protraiture but for parents, especially new parents, it could be a terrific way to keep a daily journal of their children, especially with the video composition feature. Anyone out there giving it a try?

Screenshots and pre-requiste Adam Lisagor video after the break!

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

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omfgitsjustin says:

I'm still a huge fan of Dailybooth. It does this plus it's like twitter for pictures. I would love a TiPb review of it.

Chris Vitek says:

I might have to try those...I will try to remember to take a look.

Juraj says:

There is also "Daily Mug" application which is free.

SockRolid says:

Nice app, but I think I'll pass. I prefer taking photos of other people.
But, just as a tip, you can use the mirrored Apple logo on the back of your iPhone for self-portrait centering. (In case you hadn't done that already.)

iBlackdude says:

Dude.... All he does it's EATING ?????

Jesse says:

I like this site, I just wish i didn't have to see pics of that Rene guy. ever.