Familiar Apple apps ready for iPhone 5, third-party apps get black bars

Today at the iPhone 5 event, Apple was quick to show off that most of it's big-name applications are ready to roll on their new handset. Calendar, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto and many others are going to be fully-optimized for the new, longer display. Third-party apps that aren't updated will have to deal with black bars to fill the rest of the screen, though everything still works as before. CNN and OpenTable are some of the partners that have updated their format accordingly.

Any developers dreading the new 16:9 aspect ratio? Users, are you going to have a lot of patience for apps that aren't optimized for the iPhone 5's new screen? Lots more to come! Stay tuned to our iPhone 5 event coverage!

Source: gdgt

Simon Sage

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StuartV says:

Black bars! Nice! Welcome to, ummm, 2005?

tmeyn says:

Can we get a shot of the keyboard in landscape with the bigger screen?