Family Share for iOS 8 will let you share apps, pictures, and calendars

WWDC - Family Sharing for iOS 8

In the WWDC proceedings today, Apple showed off Family Sharing for iOS 8. Family Sharing allows up to six devices to easily share calendars, reminders, and lots more. With Family Sharing you can use Find my Device for anyone in the family, which is perfect for kids that have a habit of losing their things.

Purchases are also shared across devices, including iTunes music, movies, and even apps. Kids can request apps to purchase, and parents with the credit card will get a pop-up. With one tap, they can approve the purchase, and it starts loading up on the kid's device.

How many of you guys have kids that you'd like to get in on this feature? Be sure to stick around for much, much more WWDC coverage!

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Reader comments

Family Share for iOS 8 will let you share apps, pictures, and calendars


This is awesome! Wish it covered up to 6 accounts instead of 6 devices though. We have more than 6 iOS devices in the house.

It's for up to six people and up to 10 devices according to the fine print in the previews on Apple.

I love a lot of the OS X and iOS 8 features, but this one is HUGE for me. Right now, my family of 4 share some aspects of my iCloud, most closely, my wife and I. This will be huge. My Apple ID will once again be mine, my wife's (mainly associated with iMessage and FaceTime) will be hers, and the kids' will be their own. As a benefit, it will bring back the ease of Find My iPhone for all our devices!