Find My iPhone updated to include Email notifications

Apple has quietly updated its Find My iPhone application to include a couple of very handy new features. After you have updated the app, when you try to locate one of your devices that is currently offline, you will receive an email to tell you when it has reconnected to a network.

You can also now delete a device that is attached to your account, without the need for it to be online. Previously you could only do this from the MobileMe web portal. If you don’t have Find My iPhone you should get it as soon as possible. It is completely free and gives you an easy way to locate your iOS device, remotely lock it or completely wipe it, if it is stolen. We have a guide to show you how to set it up right here.

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Reader comments

Find My iPhone updated to include Email notifications


Are you able to disable the email notification if you don't want to be alerted when the iDevice comes back online?

well if it means jumping through the whole "use a friends iphone 4" deal then psshh i'll survive without it. i do like the little notification, "you're apple ID is valid, but your device does not qualify for this free service"

I have an IPhone 4, MY wife and daughter both have IPhone 3gs and im running it on all 3 phones. it will work, dont know why your having troubles.

Simple, log into and it will give you the option to "find my iPhone." The app is for iDevices, but any computer or device that can get to can use the find my iPhone feature.

The email notification cannot be disabled. This is a fatal flaw in my opinion.... Should be an option, not mandatory.... Send Apple your feedback today!

Funny the amount of people wanting email notification disabled. Sounds like somebodies are doing a little stalllllking.

I personally just think it's just annoying if you've lost your phone and are doing repeated attempts to find it to then have your email flooded with logs of each and every attempt to find it. But I'm a very anti-spam my email account kind of person.

I am constantly using this app to locate my 12yo daughter, I dont think thats a stalking case, I just want to make sure that she doesnt mislead me and get into the wrong lifestyles....

Is there a way to turn off the email notifications? I've looked in all of my settings and don't see a place to turn that off. Thanks!

I do not like the email notifications! When parents are trying to locate teenagers we do not want them to receive an email that their iphone has been located! How can I turn the email notification off?

please! take off the email notifications. I hate it. And the thief who stole my friends then knew she was looking for it b.c called her house and laughed at her. Stupidest feature - let us have the option of email please!

Yeah, nothing like ADVISING the person that stole your phone that it has been located !!
What idiots !

This app is indeed very handy. I've decided to download it after reading a few find my iPhone stories here. Anyway, it is very useful in case your phone is lost or stolen. As far as for notifications, they must have an option to be turned off.

To be more clear, we have 2 iPhones & one iPad 2, all hooked up & working fine so far on the Find My Phone app., but yesterday, one of the iPhones showed up as "offline" on the app., and was able to find the other two. How is this possible? Is there a way to shut you iphone down to "offline" from this app?

If I log into "Find My IPhone" on my phone to check up on the location of my teenage girls does it send an email to my wifes email which all of our phones are registered under? Or does it send any kind of alert to their phones? Thank You.

You should have the right to turn off the email notification if you choose!! Tracking a kids phone and they get the email not cool