First Look: iSlsk, p2p client for iPhone

The great thing about jailbreaking (and no, it's not this) is that a lot of smart people take a look at the capabilities of the iPhone and wonder how come nobody made a (insert program here) yet? And then go and develop said program.

Case in point: A p2p client for the iPhone

iSlsk, developed by Eric Castro, is Soulseek in native app form for the iPhone. It uses the Soulseek network to let iPhone (+iPod touch) users share songs with one another. Once the songs are downloaded, iSlsk imports them into your iTunes library for seamless playback. There is a lot of promise in such a program, imagine being able to download whatever you want, whenever you want.

There are still a lot of kinks in the programming, in fact, I couldn't even manage to start a download due to some bug. But reports are floating that Wi-Fi averaged 20 Kbps while the EDGE network ran about half that. Soulseek doesn't have the install base of a Limewire and is more known for being a hot bed for indie artists but this is a great first effort into implementing a p2p client for the iPhone. Expect more updates soon.


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Reader comments

First Look: iSlsk, p2p client for iPhone


Nifty app! I managed to download a song but it didn't import into the iTunes library. The downloads section gives a "Your FirewireGUID couldn't be recognized" error. Guess we will have to wait for a few updates.
It's so nice to see my fav computer applications cming to the iPhone ..., Twitter (I love Twinkle) and now Soulseek.

And there you have it ... iSlsk update ... Running version 0.2b here (on firmware 1.1.3) and it works flawlessly ... I have an official iPhone app top 3 now: iSlsk, Twinkle & MobileScrobbler.

Can you provide more information on this? I was looking for this additional information, just bookmarked to check out the updates ;)