Flayvr for iPhone review

Flayvr is a photography app for the iPhone that automatically sorts all your photos and videos into beautiful interactive albums. You can share these albums with your friends or keep them completely private.

Flayvr works by taking all the photos in your Camera Roll and automatically creating albums based on time and location. They will be given titles like "yesterday evening", "last Friday", or simply just the date the photos were taken. If photos were taken at the same time as an event scheduled in your Calendar, then the album will be given the title of that event.

Your albums are displayed in a timeline format with four small preview photos. As you view your timeline, the small photos will change and cycle through all the photos in your album. Tapping on an album will display four photos from your album as a collage. This collage will also cycle through the photos in your album as well as shift into different arrangements. The movement is eye-catching.

Although the albums are automatically created, Flavr lets you edit them to remove or add photos and give them a custom name. Unfortunately, albums cannot be deleted -- if you remove all the photos from an album, you'll get an error message saying you need at least 3 photos.

One of the really great features of Flavr is that you can share your albums to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS, or Email as a link to a web version of you album. You can see an example of what that looks like here. There does seem a bug, however, that doesn't let you scroll through all the photos.

The good

  • Automatically creates albums
  • Edit albums to add/remove photos
  • Lots of interaction and animation
  • Includes videos
  • Integrates with Calendar to name albums after the events you attended
  • Share a link that lets people view albums on the web
  • Ignores screenshots

The bad

  • Only 40 photos allowed per album
  • When shared, albums include an image of a map that displays the location where photos were taken with no option to disable
  • Can't search for an album
  • Can't delete albums
  • Not available for iPad

The bottom line

Flayvr may not be perfect, but it's still pretty neat and I can't wait to see what it becomes in the future. One of the features I'd most love to see added to Flayvr is the ability to search for specific albums instead of scrolling through them all -- it may be less scrolling than in Camera Roll, but when you've got 2400 photos in your Camera Roll, there's still a lot of scrolling in Flayvr.

Regardless, Flayvr is a great way to add some order to your Camera Roll, and since it's free, you should check it out!

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

Flayvr for iPhone review


Sounds neat however I don't keep photos on my phone for very long. I need the space to take more photos, music, videos, etc. Within days of taking my photos, I move them off onto my Mac.

Same here, except I have a PC, sadly. I usually; however, tend to move photos to my stream most of the time. 40 photos seems to be horribly limiting. The cons definitely outweigh the pros at this point, but I think this can be fixed with an update in the near future. Looking forward to this app.

Sounds pretty cool but i don't see why you cant share your photos on Instagram. Thats were most people pics go anyway

sounds like an option to the camera roll which is not very appealing to me

I will keep an eye on this app for future updates