Free Google Maps Navigation coming to iPhone... eventually


Hey, maybe free Google Maps Navigation for iPhone is what Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt were confabbing about over quinti-venti-lattes? Okay, maybe not but as part of the UK Google Maps Navigation roll out, they did once again say the envy-worthy, currently Android-only service would indeed be coming to the iPhone...

...they just still haven't said when.

Psst, fella, we've got this huge iPhone OS 4 update coming this summer, how about then?

[via MacUser, thanks Chad!]

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Reader comments

Free Google Maps Navigation coming to iPhone... eventually


Maybe they are holding off until the new iPhone comes out. Then they'll say something along the lines of..."This cannot work on our older models due to hardware limitations..." ála the video function that was introduced to the 3GS.

Come on guy, in the past year apple (or Mr. Jobs) has: sued Android's primary hardware manufacturer, blocked Google Voice, launched iAD, taken Google's name off of the search, blocked picasa support for the ipad, and said android is where people should go for porn. Why exactly should Google play nice and give away it's navigator services to Apple?
I know Google could potentially mine a ton of data from iphone users using it's navigator but honestly, come on.
Not trying to troll, just thought this post was a little aggravating.

and the sheep begin to move once more as they are lured in by apple, I will stick with my jb iphone and add these features myself

Why just stop there though? Why not go the extra mile and remove Google Maps from the phone, remove Gmail, Google Search from Safari Mobile and just put a block on all google related sites? I say that if you hate something/someone, then you disconnect all ties to that entity. That'll show 'em!

This is amazing, google are taking over the world lol.
who needs expensive TOMTOM, the maps on google will be the most up to date!
cant wait

Oh God...Not those dreaded words again..."this Summer!" Sheesh! When the last update with MMS was supposed to be last Summer, it was more!!! Well, one good thing. By the time this Summer rolls around, I'll probably be so far gone I won't be on the cryogenic freeze waiting list...I'll already be popcicle-d and won't care! hehe

Damn! After I already paid for navigon my region!? Mind you I already have a built in navigarion system in my car.. Navigon was just a back up! Now google navigation decides to come to the iPhone.. Smh

I think this will definitely happen. There are just to many iphones out there to pass up this kind of opportunity. Look Google is out to make money. Corporate "hissy fits" aside, in the end it is about making money and gaining power.

hmm, other news sites are discussing why and how the Google service might NOT come to the iPhone actually. Even if it did, it will be in OS ~10 lol
I don't get why people keep worshiping Apple when it offers too little too late almost everytime.