Friday Fun Video: iPhone band performs on NY Subway

New York band Atomic Tom had their instruments stolen, so they rocked out with their back-up instruments - their iPhones! Each member of the band used an app on their iPhone to play a different part (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals). They gave a great performance on the New York subway; passengers can be seen bobbing their heads and getting into the music. This is the kind of thing I would love to see in person!

Video after the break!


Leanna Lofte

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iSkythe says:

I was in NY this past weekend! Didn't see them :(

Ghop says:

Haha! I put this video on my facebook page and downloaded the song from iTunes. You have to love the IPhone. It's only limited by our imaginations.
Now all Steve needs to do is get this band at an Apple event and have them play this song on their IPhones. It would be Epic.
Oh and get this into an iPhone commercial. "had your instruments stolen and getting ready to go on stage?" There is an App For That.

greidel says:

What guitar app is the guy with the mustache using?

Githa says:

A simple and inlteliegnt point, well made. Thanks!

Awray says:

I absolutely LOVE this!!! What talent they have here, wish I could've seen something like this live!

miked says:

Just bought their album because of this video. Awesome band!!!!

Awray says:

@miked I as well! And I'm REALLY liking what I hear.

Tronics says:

Hahahahaha that's wicked!

Jeff B. says:

I'm a gigging musician and have to say that was pretty cool. The song was actually decent too.

awray says:

@Jeff B Check out their other songs.. They have some other great tunes you might enjoy if you liked this song.

BrianTufo says:

@Miked I also just bought their album because of this video. They have a lot of god songs on their CD.

ActionFrank says:

@Gerry - iShred. I just bought it myself because of this!

cMc says:

Yeah it's iShred , I've had it for a while and is my favorite guitar app.

Kenny says:

Very impressive, that american improvisation at it's best. Can't believe Jobs hasn't jumped on this for PR! Good work guys.

Aggy says:

That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contirbnutig.

Kathleen says:

Sooooo Cooool!
That's New Yorkers for you; they can make do no matter what. :)

DHARMAjedi says:

that was the coolest video and story I have ever seen! Apple needs to hook up with them asap!

Revelation says:

Coming to an Apple commercial near you!

shaolinfinest says:

This is freaking awesome and sounds good

Analog Spirit says:

@Ghop: Exactly. Freaking awesome! Best YouYube video I've ever seen...