Give away: Slacker Personal Radio Plus streaming music with local iPhone cache

Slacker Radio 2.0

Slacker Personal Radio 2.0 is now in the iTunes app store, along with its great new local caching feature (hello new AT&T capped data plans!), and to celebrate Slacker wants to give away five (5) one-year subscriptions to their premium Slacker Radio Plus service (and they're throwing in five (5) 3-month subscriptions for runners-up as well).

It'll be the perfect thing to run on a new iPhone -- and oh, yeah: TiPb's giving away an iPhone 4 as well.

If you want to win, download the Slacker Personal Radio app from iTunes, try it out, and then leave a reply below and tell us what music you're caching on your iPhone.

Rene Ritchie

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