TiPb Give-Away: WeeMee Avatar Creator for iPhone

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WeeMee Avatar Creator from WeeWorld [$0.99 - iTunes Link]. The application allows you to make your an avatar for yourself and your friends. Select various hairstyles, clothing, accessories, over 250 choices in all. Then you can use these avatars for your address book, Facebook, Twitter, MMS or just to email to friends.

I had so much fun using this application that I forgot that I was testing out the app. (It would also keep your children entertained as the controls are simple to use.)

You choose a male or female WeeMee and then you can select the head shape, eyes and mouth, eye color, clothing, background etc. Select the item type at the top of the screen and then just swipe through the choices till you find the one you want.

The Gallery view helps maintain all your WeeMee's and you can choose to export or edit your saved WeeMee's.

So how do you get this app for FREE? Just comment below and say which famous person (or TiPb staff member! ahem) you want to make into an avatar, and we'll select three people at random. Give-away starts now and ends Sunday February 28th at 12pm PT. Promo Codes require a US App Store account (Apple’s rule, not ours). They also expire, so if you win, redeem quickly!

And if you buy the app or win it, I would love to see your TiPb staff member WeeMee's!

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There are 67 comments. Add yours.

Derrick says:

I wanna make that Cool guy Tramain a avatar... :)

BDizzel says:

I want to make one of good old steve jobs :)

Theo says:

I'd make one of Taylor swift

Nerdalot says:

I would like to make an avatar for Steve
Balmer showing him using an iPhone, listening to tunes on his iPod, and daydreaming of his iPad.

tnations says:

I would make an avatar of Jeff Bridges as The Dude.

Mariusz says:

I would like to avatar Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Danish Primeminister... He needs a new look. :)

Dyc says:

I'd have to say tipb's Georgia or Fever Ray from the below awards ceremony.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymCP6zC_qJU&fmt=18

Victor Sterling says:

I would want to see Johnny Depp as an avatar. haha

Fender Doc says:

General Larry Platt ("Pants On The Ground" guy)

blenderman345 says:

That Steve dude behind the apple.... :D

Aaron Leavitt says:

Hmm, gonna go with Keira Knightley. Completely drew a blank on anything more meaningful.

ninjamattic says:

Dick Cheney. I think he'd make a great cartoon bobble head.

Kevin Bradley says:

I would like to make Halle Berry

uph0m3r says:

Harry Reid. He's a joke cartoon to begin with.

Lily says:

Dwne johnson- the rock!!! Umm...

Maggard says:

Patrick Stewart.

Jacob Pruitt says:

I would make a WeeMee of Rob Patterson…

Severian126 says:

I want to turn Rene into an cartoon!

Taylor says:

Add Me On WeeWorld iiTZzTayTayox :D

hottopicchick says:

TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MattBocchino says:

Clint Eastwood. Because he's a bad-a$$

pivale says:

MEEEEEEEE of course :P
Or maybe iChadMan!

Personguy31 says:

I want to make all the simpsons =P

Norman says:

I would like to see Marilyn Mason!

Grace786 says:

I Would Like To Make Elmo!!

killakow says:

The original unsolved mysteries guy

kayren says:

The Big Bang Theory cast

JCK1020 says:

Why would I not make Rene?
such an obvious choice.....:)

Hakala says:

Well, I suppose SOMEONE has to make a Dieter Bohn! Or Apolo Ohno.

windchyme-donna says:

I think with spring training starting this week and Ozzie Guillen joining Twitter, I would pick Ozzie!

Dan says:

I'd like to make an avatar of the Dude. Because, the Dude Abides.

joshuapingley#WP says:

I want to make an avatar of ke$ha !

Neal says:

Me first. Then Apolo Ono!

Rampage502 says:

I would like to see an avatar of Chuck Norris or Mike Tyson!

Bob says:

I am sorry to say, but Michael Jackson my be dead, but he's comin to weeworld.

xYoUv'e Got MalExx says:

(this is bob) Well, maybe Michael Jackson, but simon cowell sounds 10x better

Chuck says:

No offense Georgia, but I think that first I would create the Rene avitar.

WY says:

I would like to make Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or Sarah Michelle Gellar, if you need a real person)....

Cobra5mil says:

I think I would make a Russell Crowe look-a-like that is holding a phone and has a text bubble that says, "Say hello to my little friend!"

Belle says:

I'd make an avatar of Johnny Depp, as all his best characters

Mohammad Savini says:

Hello, I like the Madagaskar movies, very good movie!

david ferrandino says:

@ichadman, @backlon and @ @reneritchie
my son jason loves weemee. out of all the great games i have on my iphone he always plays weemee.

mod a wii says:

I read your blog once in a while and I must say that I like your template and of course your writing style :-)