Google adds iPhone app search

Google has added iPhone app search to their mobile interface. Just tap "more" and the drop down menu now includes "iPhone apps". A search will display apps with their icons, price, star rating, and part of a review. Tapping on one brings you to that app in the App Store. Basically, Google has provided an alternate way to search for iPhone apps - and it's good.

Anyone planning to search for iPhone apps with Google instead of the App Store itself?


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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Google adds iPhone app search


cool but seems like a sneaky way for Google to get info on what the most popular iPhone apps are. Even if not malicious what exactly will they do with that info approach developers, offer alternatives?

If it said iOS apps, I'd give it a shot, but I don't know that it differentiates between iPod/iPhone apps and iPad apps. If it shows only the former, that's next to useless to me, since I don't own an iPhone or iPod Touch
If they show them all, but don't distinguish between the iPad apps, that's not good enough for my purposes.

Googles sneaky way to see what all the iOS users are buying. So they can approach developers and get their apps onto android.
Where's an easy button when ya need one?

Since it is only searching based on app title there is nothing to get excited about here. Until they start to search on description it is pretty useless.

Why does Google keep duplicating all the built in operations of the iPhone? I can't see anything their search does that the store doesn't do already. Oh, hang on, yes, there is one... it adds an extra level of delay getting your app.

Google can now see whats luring us iOS users even more. Example; if google knows whatbthw world is searching and wanting. They have the ability to create a market for it. This goes for all search engine organizations.