Google+ app updated, can now be installed on iPad, iPod touch support (?!)

Google has just updated its Google+ iOS app, claiming it now supports the iPad and iPod touch. Sure it works fine on the iPod touch but incredibly Google's "iPad support" comes not in the form of a universal binary with proper, native iPad UI, but simply the ability to now install the Google+ iPhone app on the iPad and run it either windowed or in fuzzy 2x mode. Such a disappointment! On a brighter note, if you're a developer, it does now work with the iOS 5 beta!

Other new features in the update are improved Huddle settings and aggregated circle notifications.

[iTunes link]


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dloveprod says:

Yah it doesn't crash in iOS 5 anymore :-) Now they need to show up Facebook and release an iPad optimized version first.

Wayne Williams says:

Google has Teh Money, but can't make a native iPad app? #sonotwinning

Chris says:

because google is too busy letting malware on their phones.

Tom says:

If you're jailbroken, FullForce makes it a nice looking app.

Guest says:

Still no landscape support.

csimpkins says:

At least they have an iPad app (ehem... Facebook).