Google Maps for iPad, new features coming later this summer

Live from Google IO 2013, Google has announced that new features will be coming to the Google Maps for iPhone later this summer and, what's more, it'll be getting an iPad-specific interface as well!

I didn't manage to catch which of the new features will hit iOS, but they could include Google's new five-point rating system, integrated Google Offers, and more.

Also interesting, Google Maps in the browser will be using WebGL, which is either awesome or scary depending on how it gets implemented.

Anyone else looking forward to Google Maps on iPad? If you haven't tried the iPhone version yet, try it now:

Source: Android Central

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Reader comments

Google Maps for iPad, new features coming later this summer


I hope they up the framerate of the app to 60fps. I love Google Maps, much better than Apple Maps, but the smoothness of Apple's Maps app is second to none. Why is Google Maps capped at 30fps?

The one feature I'm missing most from Google Maps on the iPhone is being able to access My Places from within the app. I'm always using it to save the location of interesting stores and restaurants when I'm using my Mac, but then I can't access those saved places when I need them most.

iPhone version is a disaster due to the dimming fiasco. It's well documented in Google Groups. I wont use it until the auto dimming mess is cleaned up.

Damn, never knew why mine did that. The first time I used it for GPS I didn't have that problem and now everyone since I have. I thought it was my phone, I agree hella annoying!!

Looking forward for Google Maps on the Ipad!!!! But still google maps on iPhone is not available in the Philippines!