Google Reader WebApp Updated for iPhone

Google Reader for iPhone Update

Our sibling site pointed out that the Google Reader Blog has announced some updates for their mobile optimized site. While they show it off on the iPhone's Safari, it'll work fine on any WebKit browser:

The interface is improved overall, and the laundry list of new features includes:

  • Support for "liking", tagging, and sorting feeds by oldest and newest
  • A More/Less feature to reduce clutter
  • Updates to the header bringing it into line with the likes of Gmail and Calendar
  • The addition of a new drop-down menu
  • A new "Recommended Sources" section

Wow, Google is showing no signs of slowing down the pace of WebApp innovation. If you're a Google Reader user, give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Google Reader WebApp Updated for iPhone


Prefered old setup. New one takes longer to quickly read through. Also I don't need a recomended section... :/ Just takes up extra screen room.

Google's web apps continue to be some of the best, but I'd still like to see them implement the feature that makes it look like a native app when added to the home screen (similar to Hahlo or Glyphboard).

I use Google Reader on my iphone, and similar to my issues with it on my PC, I want to be able to highlight and mark as read CERTAIN feeds/stories/posts, in addition to "mark as read feeds older than XX". But other than that, I raelly like Google Reader, been on it since I moved from NetNewsWire a year or so ago.