Hacking Away at iPhone 2.2 TV-Out Secrets

Updated iPhone with live Video Out from Ars Technica on Vimeo.

A few days ago we mentioned Ars' iPhone expert, Erica Sadun was taking the lifting of iPhone OS 2.2's NDA as an opportunity to dump code and sift for gold. Turns out she's not only found some in the way of "hidden" TV-out features in iPhone 2.2, she's sacrificed her well earned turkey day to experiment with them. From her previous post, here's what's at work:

The MPTVOutWindow class allows your iPhone to send its video to a connected TV rather than to the built-in screen. Intended to be used with movies, the unpublished class creates a live video feed that is sent out through the iPhone's connector port. End-users will need to buy a video adapter or cable to use this functionality.

Early days still, but fairly awesome stuff. Can't wait to see what she and other developers -- not to mention Apple eventually -- come up with!

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Hacking Away at iPhone 2.2 TV-Out Secrets


Unfortunately, this ONLY seems to work with Apple-dongle video-out devices. Works fine with my Apple video-out cable, works briefly with my HK manufactured composite cable, until the software detects it's not an Apple product, displays a popup up "Gotcha, you aint got an overpriced Apple cable" and rudely disables the TV Out.
Add this to the list of REDMOND-like drawbacks of buying a product from Apple (to wit: no removable storage, no MS Office (Really, Apple, isn't time for the iPhone to grow up? Without it, its just a toy), no removable battery, clumsy Sim tray, etc... etc... etc...
In a perfect world, your chef is Chinese, your wife is French,your mechanic is German, you clothing is Italian, and your cellphone is from Finland.. :::Sigh:::

What is the status, any progress? I have bought a $5 AV cable for my iPhone 3G which doesn't work on my 2.2 firmware. I hope there is something jailbreak app or code examples available...