Hey, developers! Mavericks DP7 available for download

Hey, developers! Mavericks DP7 available for download

Almost two weeks after the previous release, Apple has posted a new build of OS X Mavericks for registered Mac developers. The new Developer Preview 7 release is available for download through the Software Update system preference and from Apple's Developer Center.

Developers are still bound by Apple's Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so we can't report on what's changed in the new release, but if you are a registered developer, go and get it!

Peter Cohen

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Rene Ritchie says:

I just updated to DP6! Slow down! (Kidding, don't!)

GibMcFragger says:

Lol. It must be close to GM time. I haven't found any glaring bugs in DP6 or 7.

Dionte says:

It must have downloaded on its own, it's already installing and I didn't see any downloading.

Norbert_UK says:

What about iOS beta!!!??? It's still buggy and lagy at times!

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