What can I ask Siri? If you're wondering what all you can ask that saucy assistant in your iPhone, you've got to check out this site!

Confession: I've always been frustrated by Siri's ever-growing list of capabilities. Sure, it's awesome Siri can do so much, but if I don't know what it can do, is it really of use to me? It'd be nice to know what, exactly, my virtual assistant is capable of.

Hey, uh, Siri, uh, what do you even do?

Seems someone out there was listening to my internal monologue (narcissist much?), because they went and created an awesome site called Hey-Siri.io that documents Siri's various commands.

A screenshot showing Hey-Siri.io.

As it stands, the site has documented 433 commands with more than 1000 variations. Even cooler? There are Siri commands for both iOS and macOS (remember: Siri's coming to Mac this fall).

To switch between iOS and macOS commands, hit the Settings button and tap macOS Sierra (Beta), then tap Close.

To find Siri commands, you can use the site's search bar or select one of the 35 categories listed at the top of the page. To see different variations of commands — i.e. "Turn on/off the light." — just tap, or move your mouse over, a command.

By the way, did you know you could ask Siri to translate words for you? Who knew?

The site isn't entirely comprehensive just yet, but the creators are asking for feedback, corrections, additions, etc.

Do you use Siri?

Do you use Siri on iOS or macOS? What's your most-used command? Let us know in the comments!