How to quickly access music and podcast apps with iOS 7 Control Center

How to quickly access music and podcast apps with iOS 7 Control Center

If you're playing music or listening to a podcast on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 7, you may already know that Control Center gives you super easy access to pause, play, skip, tracks, and view what you're listening to. You can also quickly launch the app that's playing your music or podcast in just a tap. Here's how:

How to access music and podcast apps with Control Center in iOS 7

  1. If you have a passcode on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 7, enter it in order to unlock it.
  2. Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen in order to access Control Center.
  3. Control Center shows you the title of the song or podcast playing. Tap on it.
  4. Your iPhone or iPad will now launch the app that's currently playing.

Simple as that. While it's a simple trick, it's a convenient one if you're the type of person that buries things in folders or frequently Spotlight searches for apps. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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How to quickly access music and podcast apps with iOS 7 Control Center


I am in & out of Control Center almost every time I use my phone.
I love this for music control!

Sent from the iMore App

The touch target area for this tip is very difficult (al least for me) to hit. I'm hoping 7.1 does something to address that.

Edit: well now that I try it again it seems fine. I know I had a LOT of trouble when 7.0 came out. Maybe 7.0.1 or 2 or whatever already did address it.

It's not just you.....after the initial update it was definitely hit or miss on multiple devices for me. Much improved now tho

For ITunes Match users.
I like the Amazon Cloud Player app better that the IOS Music Player because it (like Kindle) it enables you to choose between `Device and Cloud' from within the app. With theIOS Music app you have had to go to settings/ music and and check/ uncheck 'show all music'.
Now with IOS7 Control Centre it's much easier. In settings/ music leave 'show all music' and 'iTunes match' checked and then every time you click on wifi from your IOS7 control centre your whole iTunes match cloud library appears and when you click off wifi only music on the device is shown. It's instant too!
Admittedly this doesn't work as well for mobile data as you still have to go to settings. (unless anyone knows an easy shortcut to settings/mobile.