How to build a really nerdy Mac-based media server

How to build a really nerdy Mac-based media server

For some users, mainly power users who have all manner of content and workflows crafted, converted, and made convoluted, an Apple TV just isn't computer enough to run their home media empire. For them, a full-on Mac, often a Mac Mini with handy HDMI port, is a far better and more flexible solution. But there's a lot more to setting up a Mac media server than just plugging in cables and pressing play. Luckily, there's also Shawn Blanc:

Repurposing an old Mac into a home media server is a great idea. A nerdy, tedious, somewhat overrated, great idea.

I used to have my Mac Pro plugged into my TV. Total overkill, but gloriously so. I didn't get to anywhere near the level of nerdery Shawn covers, but I wish I had.

Check it out:

Source: Shawn Blanc

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How to build a really nerdy Mac-based media server

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I have an i7 Mac Mini 2.3 hooked to my HDTV and 5.1 audio surround-sound system. Works great for watching Korean movies and serial dramas on Youtube or DramaFever. I listen to a lot of iTunes Radio. It works fine as a Plex Client/Server. I also use it as a game console for Sega Genesis ROMs. It's overkill but it's very quiet and unobtrusive and never, ever seems to need to be rebooted except for updates.