How do I search my photos in the Photos app?

Sierra for Mac has a ton of new, exciting features when it comes to your photos, including being able to keep track and search for them easier!

Though the search feature isn't 100% accurate yet (and definitely takes some getting used to), being able to peruse through your photos with a quick search is an awesome new concept.

Here's how you can search your photos in the Photos app on Mac OS Sierra!

How to search for a specific keyword in the Photos app

  1. Launch the Photos app from your dock.
  2. Click the Search bar in the upper right corner.

    Launch the Photos app and click the search bar in the right corner.

  3. Type the keyword you would like to search for.
  4. Click the option you would like to select. All of the photos and videos related to that keyword with appear.

    Type the keyword you would like to search for and then click the option you want to view.

For a broader search, try searching one or two letters at a time to give your Photo search results some more options. Remember, Photos generate search results based on what the app picks up automatically in your pictures, so it's not always the most perfect, foolproof search method.

What do you think?

Will you be using search to comb through yout thousands of photography masterpieces? Let us know in the comments below!