How to take a photo while simultaneously shooting video with your iPhone or iPad

How to take a photo while shooting video with your iPhone or iPad

With the Camera app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPhone, you can not only take photos and shoot video, but take photos while you're shooting video. Whether it's an amazing moment amid the action, or just a great composition you want to capture in its won right, there are times when you'll want to have your video and photo too! Luckily, Apple makes it easy to do.

How to shoot a still photo while simultaneously capturing video on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Camera app from your iPhone or iPad Home screen
  2. Switch to video mode and start recording. (See: How to record a video with your iPhone or iPad)
  3. Tap the take picture button to the left of the stop/start button.

The screen will flash white to indicate you've taken the photo. Every time you tap the take picture button, another photo will be saved to your Camera Roll, while at the same time your video will just keep recording.

Note: The pictures taken using this method are substantially lower quality than regular pictures. They're 1280x720 (1.2mp/720p/16:9). Most modern iPhones shoot in 3264 x 2448 (8mp/4:3). What you gain in flexibility you lose in image size. (Though it's still better than taking a screenshot of the video later, which results in 1136x640 (0.7mp/16:9).

How to get more help with Camera for iPhone and iPad

Note: Originally published February, 2012 by Leanna Lofte. Updated July, 2014.

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How to take a photo while simultaneously shooting video with your iPhone or iPad


Or you could just use the native video camera, and take a screenshot (home + power) to take the picture...little photo edit required however..

I think this sucks! I expected the quality! Is it because it's recoding and then photographing at the same time?!

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