How to take photos with your iPhone or iPad

How to configure and start using the new Camera app in iOS 7

The Camera app on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad means you're never more than a swipe or tap or two from taking a picture and capturing a magic moment. While the camera app might look simple, there's a lot going on inside. It has auto-focus and auto-exposure, and both can be changed with just a tap of the screen. There are also options for high dynamic range (HDR), to switch between rear-facing and front-facing cameras, and even live filters and burst mode.

How to take pictures with the iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Camera app from your iPhone or iPad's Home screen.
  2. Move your iPhone or iPad around until what you see on the screen matches the image you want to capture.
  3. Rotate your iPhone or iPad from portrait to landscape or vice versa to change the orientation. (You'll the see the icons change as confirmation.)
  4. Tap the Shutter button to take your picture.

That's it! Your photo has now been taken and saved to the Camera Roll. You can access it at any time by launching the Photos app.

How to get more help with Camera for iPhone and iPad

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Carioca32 says:

Did anyone notice how much harder it became to activate the camera from the lock screen with one hand? You have to drag the icon all the way up, past the middle of the screen, and not just tap it.

2oh1 says:

I'm not experiencing that. For me, it's just like it was before. On the lock screen, flick the camera icon up. I don't even have to drag it. Just flick upward.

shaun_wilkinson says:

Yeah it's actually faster in iOS7. Certainly better than twisting your hand in a strange manner...

rdstryr says:

Not seeing that either, same as before. My question is why is the filters icon only colorful when "Square" mode is selected?

Steffan 1 says:

Are any other left handed people finding the camera hard to operate on iPad mini now?

Kwamell Jones says:

The iPad does NOT have photo filters. Please update your post because it's not included.

ddarwen says:

I don't see any filters on my iPad mini!

Cindy Leaf says:

My ipad 2 has been updated to iOS 7 but i do NOT have the HDR settings or the colourful circle icon you have spoken of???

Elizabeth Lynn Salazar says:

I don't have the three little circles for the filters on my update:( how do I fix it?