How to tweak your Jailbroken iPhone

We get a lot of questions about tweaking Jailbroken iPhones, so here are a few handy tools that are free and don't require a lot of know-how in order to implement.  All you need is a bit of spare time to change your Jailbroken iPhone from stock to stunning!


First up is FontSwap, which allows you to change the system fonts on your iPhone. It can be found in Rock and Cydia for free.

On the main page of FontSwap you can choose to change fonts on different parts of your phone. There are certain times I have the Lock Clock font set different than the system wide fonts, and that's okay too. Whatever suits you.

I always get a lot of requests for the font I use.  It's call Simpsons font and it's available for free in Cydia and Rock.  FontSwap will come with a few default fonts to choose from, but you can download lots more for free.  Just go into Cydia or Rock and search for fontswap.  You'll get tons of new fonts you can browse and download.  Once you download them, they'll automatically go into FontSwap for you to apply.

Chat Bubbles

Another tweak I enjoy using is changing chat bubble colors.  This can be done one of two ways.  You can either make your own chat theme or you can search Rock and Cydia for "sms bubbles" and "sms balloons" and apply them via Winterboard.  There aren't a lot to choose from but making your own is pretty easy.  DeviantArt and forums like have a ton of users that post up chat bubbles and balloon templates you can use for your own personal use.

iBlank and BlankNull

Our last tweak for today is iBlank.  If you're jailbroken and anything like me, you want to actually see your background.  I accomplish this with iBlank.  It basically produces blank icons for you that allow you to move them around like you would apps in order to see your backgrounds.

I also installed a free app from Cydia called "BlankNull" as well.  This way, your blank icons become unclickable.  Pretty neat, eh?  I frequently reorder icons in L shapes, just along the bottom, or on a side depending on what part of a picture I want to see.  iBlank makes it really easy.

Have any cool apps you use to tweak out your jailbroken iPhone? Let us know and maybe we'll include those next time!

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Reader comments

How to tweak your Jailbroken iPhone


You should NEVER use Rock. Its buggy and inefficient. It trades stability for speed and does not do as thorough of a job as Cydia.

@leet that's a whole other article my friend ;)
@Jo2Reco there will be a more extensive post coming. This is for starters and honestly I get tons of emails on the basics so I covered those first to avoid those questions later. :)

@jewjew a lot of people say that. I've never had an issue with rock and honestly cydia crashes on me more frequently than rock. I use both though. Rock has a good backup system.

a tweak, to me, would be freeing up memory.
sbsettings > processes > FREE UP MEMORY (on the bottom)
also, a respring or two a day helps.

In reference to your iBlank section. You don't need BlankNull any more. That update came out a LONG time ago. IBlank are dead you can't click them any more

What theme is that your using on the first picture of this article? And how did you get the little apple by your name up on top???

@David thanks for the tip! I guess I was just used to always dl'ing blanknull
@India it's the illumine theme and the background came from the website - awesome iPhone wallpaper site! I browse it on my phone and save backgrounds to my camera roll :)

What tweaks are there that would be able to change the default icons like the screen capture at the top of this article?

Lockinfo is a must have! It is by far the best way to keep track of notifications, emails, missed calls, or any other number of things. It works on the lockscreen, homescreen and can also be pulled up as a shade over any app so you can see who emailed you( and even preview it) or whatever with out leaving the app. I LOVE IT!!

I must agree with the Rabbit man or gal.... lockinfo is my main app.. wouldnt be able to remember anything without it.

Nice! Great post. I held off on WinterBoard with my 3G but with the relatively generous 256MB on my 3GS I think I'll give it another try.

imo a musthave is SBSettings, the merory on my 3gs runs offnso fastly that im freeing and respringing it all the time ..

@AllysonKazmucha Thank you for the illumine idea. But I noticed after you install, you no longer have the abilty to use "user" photo wallpaper - how did you put your own wallpaper behind the illumine icons in winterboard?

What theme are you using on the main pic with the icons in a L format? I like the way the icons look so i was interested in knowing what theme was used.

Never mind i see that my question was answered earlier, but i for some reason cannot find the original Illumine theme.

Just realized that the is a difference in your theme then the Illumine that i have on my Iphone the music icon is completely different then mine lol

How did you get the APPLE at the top of the screen???
Did that come with the illumine theme??
Thanks in advance!

does anyone know if the new iphone coming out this summer will be that much different than the 3gs once the 3gs gets the 4.0 software?
the reason i ask is that i don't know if i want to purchase a new phone for 3 or 400 bucks when i can get a 3gs for under a hundred now.
if anyone knows, i would appreciate the insight.

You just need to make sure when you check things off in winterboard that "user wallpaper" or "user lock screen" is clicked and pulled higher on the list than the theme

Allyson, could you link the picture you are using for background, the first one. And also the name of the theme. I anyone knows it please let me know. Thx!

Cool, this is going to be an interesting app for tweaking iphone.. hope to try one of these anytime..