Hulu coming to iPad, bringing $9.95 subscriptions with it?


9to5Mac believes Hulu is coming to the iPad (and Android), with testing to begin as soon as May 24. This comes on the heels of a LA Times article that reveals Hulu's plans to offer a $9.95/month subscription option, granting access to their back catalog of TV show.

Netflix and are already in the iPad app store, and and others are testing or offering HTML5 videos for the iPad over the web. So what's taking Hulu so long?

[Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox and Imagine Entertainment, via LA Times.]

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Reader comments

Hulu coming to iPad, bringing $9.95 subscriptions with it?


I guess one of the questions will be whether the sub fee will eliminate ads, or just provide access to back catalog

Nobody now pays for a subscription to Hulu. Don't see the reason why anyone would, anyway, based on the offerings. They provide nothing special that is not otherwise available elsewhere. These people just don't get it. If it can be played on anything other than a stand-alone television -- think Boxeee -- it disrupts their mindset. Their business model is so 1980. Big bad fail.

Get rid of the ads and make it $4.99 a month and I think SOME people might go for it. I certainly won't. You can get it all free elsewhere.

Wow this app is going to shut up a lot of people that have be wanting flash on the device just for the hulu service. Then the multitasking and the other features coming with the 4.o software update coming in June is going to to cool. I cannot wait.

The price is very high though. I rather use netflix and the abc app to view video. Or even podcast from the iPad and stream video versus having to download them to my computer and or iPad.

They have a few shows I like to watch, I don't know if I am willing to pay the price tho, I might just set my media center pc to start recording the tv show I usually miss.

$10 is pretty steep. They would really have to bump up the list of shows, all back episodes, and day and date episodes to mirror the live broadcasts. I dint know if they can kill the ads at $10 a month. But they could re-jigger them.

I second that, the nod to Arrested Development is excellent. That show was so good, Fox ran them off the air, what a shame.

@Al Fox didnt run them off, them generated a small audience for Primetime, because you and only 3 other dudes watched...And $10 isn't much, I still dont see why people complain about $10 measily dollars! I mean I have a job, car payment, wife,new baby, college fund for the baby, mortgage, personal/family savings, yet I can find a way to shed the $10 you cheap ass bastards, god its sad....and don't reply, I dont care.

For $9.95/month you can get Netflix and have them deliver high-quality DVD content to your mailbox, or stream it to your device(s) on demand. Why would anybody pay Hulu for what is currently free on the Net? Or is "currently" the point here?

Well i wont be paying for something i can get for free some where else. I guess Hulu wants to lower its online traffic. Ill just go to other sites.

I hate poor people, 9.99 is a perfect price, considering your already paying $30 for the internet plan. This is perfect to go alongside my $99 monthly gym membership as the iPad fits nicely on the cardio machine racks.

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