iMovie for iPad 2 hands-on

One of the new apps for iPad 2 is iMovie. It was originally released for the iPhone 4 this past June, but Apple recently updated it as a universal app for iPhone 4, iPad 2, and iPod touch 4. On the iPad 2, iMovie is fantastic.

The editing screen is set up similar to iMovie on the Mac and split into 3 different screens. On the bottom of the screen, you find the timeline for your movie, on the top left, you find available media, and video preview is located in the top right. The "My Projects" screen is beautifully designed to look like a vintage movie theater.

Editing movies is very easy on the iPad 2. You can preview clips by dragging your finger across them and trim the edges before adding them to your project. To move clips around in your timeline, simply drag it to where you want. If you want to split a clip, position the curser, select the clip, and swipe down along the curser. You can also easily record audio and video directly into the timeline.

iMovie is stocked with 8 different themes, each of which comes with its own title screen format, transitions, and theme music. It also comes with a plethora of sound effects to add to your movies. Sadly the new Trailer templates from iMovie '11 on Mac didn't make it into the iPad version but hopefully we'll see those in an update.

Sharing your movies is a breeze and iMovie is equipped the the ability to send directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport. Just tap the familiar sharing arrow from the projects screen and make your selection.

I am very impressed with how well iMovie runs on the iPad 2. It responds well and performs tasks quickly. iMovie on the iPad may well become my primary video editing software - yes, I will chose it over iMovie '11 on my Mac.

To check out the movie I created in the video above, follow along after the break!

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bilbothejust says:

Thanks so much for the webinar on iMovie. There were some things I just couldn't figure the split to only allow the title to show up in the first few frames. Awesome job. Thank you!

warmwater says:

When I sync photos through itunes to the ipad 2, it does not import the videos. What is the secret? I want to edit my iphone4 movies in my IPad 2.

warmwater says:

Found it. Itunes has a box you must check that says import videos.

Kyle says:

The iMovie update for the iPhone 4 looks as great as the iPad version. The only downfall is that the performance isn't as great as the iPad 2. Hopefully things can be a little more optimized. :)

Ove says:

i wonder if it is posible to save the movies that I make to my PC and burn them as DVD films?

Paul Throp says:

I made a movie on my iMac, exported it to iTunes and synched it to my iPad 2. I bought iMovie for ipad2, but I cannot load the movie that I made on my iMac. It is filed under videos on my iPad but I cannot find an option to import it into iMovie. Am I doing something wrong?

Adangelidis says:

how can i adjust the duration of a photo in a project?

JoebonsaiPoland says:

I agree awesome iMovie is ;) so easy to film and edit and post your finalized themed movie. Just takes minutes.
Very good tutorial too.

mish says:

Is there anyway to edit music? I only want the theme music to play on my very end clip.