Installing Frash on a Jailbroken iPhone

A lot of people have been waiting for Flash on an iPhone (unofficially of course), and if you're jailbroken, you can have it now, via Frash.  Frash is basically a port of Flash 10.1 for mobile.  We also have to keep in mind, it's in a severe Alpha stage.  And it shows.  But if you just can't wait to get your hands on a way to run Flash on an iPhone, click on through for some more thoughts as well as a walkthrough complete with video of how to install.

First for my thoughts on Frash. Honestly, a year ago I would have been more excited to have Flash on an iPhone. Maybe it's just me, but ever since El Jobso essentially put the ban hammer down when it comes to Flash on iPhone, a lot of companies and web designers have been more wary when coding websites. It seems like more and more sites everyday are embedding code in order to make their sites more iPhone friendly. A huge example is Vimeo. I hated it when I'd be browing news sites or blogs and videos would be embedded with services like Vimeo. You just couldn't watch them. Now, they load nicely in a Quicktime mobile player and you're good to go. Facebook also supports iPhone mobile video viewing from within their native app. This solved most of my Flash woes overnight.

I can also see why some people still want Flash. Some websites still use splashscreens written in Flash. It's especially irritating to not be able to get to a website's main page just because the intro is written in Flash. Most of the time, you can type index.html or something of the like into the address bar after the web address to bypass Flash, but not always. (Not to mention it's a pretty annoying workaround.) If you're someone who tends to deal with a lot of Flash content, Frash is probably your best solution as of now.

I wouldn't recommend installing Frash on any iPhone model below a 3GS. Safari will most likely do nothing but crash on you. And again, keep in mind Frash is still in it's very infant stages. But if you're still interested in giving Frash a go, follow these instructions to install or watch the video below which also provides a walkthrough and demonstration of some of the bugs I've experienced with Frash so far.

  • Jailbreak Your iDevice via, you can find directions here.
  • Next, you'll need to add a repo to Cydia. Tap Sources along the bottom, then go to manage, tap edit at the top, then add the following repo:
  • Once you're done adding the repo, search "Frash" in Cydia and install. That's it, you're done. You should now be able to access flash data via Safari on your iDevice.

Let us know how it works for you. As you can see from my video below, I experience a lot of crashes with it. I'm also using a 3GS for jailbreaking purposes as I have the prox sensor issue with my iPhone 4 and don't want to jailbreak that one as I'll install 4.1 the minute it's released so I can quit FaceTiming people with my cheek already. But if you've had a better experience than mine (or worse), leave it in the comments below, along with any tips or tricks you may have!

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Reader comments

Installing Frash on a Jailbroken iPhone


I installed it but then deleted it. I've realized no site I visit anymore require flash. Like you said, most sites have made their pages very mobile friendly. I used to always come across sites that made me switch to my laptop
You can't play YouTube flash or play games because they require a keyboard. All it did was enable ads but make them gray.

Like the idea but I'm gonn wait for it to be refined a little but more. My iphone4 runs smoother than butter with a good battery life and I don't want to lose that.
To be honest the only thing I'm waiting for is the ability to watch Hulu on it.

Worth it for me as I visit quite a lot of sites with flash images ...but as warned it's an early version so would wait as recommended for he next version. But very grateful I now have some way to view flash on the iPhone!

You forgot the optional step of installing the sbsettings toggle for frash as well as the pluton that changes the browser identifier so websites think you're not running a mobile browser.

Use PlayOn for hulu and netflix. Enabling flash gets you advertising bannars. Not worth it to me. PlayOn has a free 2 week trial, just make sure ur running a dual core or better.

frash barely works for movies and games, i only tried it on the sites that were demoed and it worked well but until an update its pretty much pointless to have it on the iphone 4.

@Mustafa.. i love you name!! you were in the Lion King, right?
@James-Zero-Zero.. i replied back to you in the other post..

Thank you for contributing to the discussion, Calculus. Your impotent rage has forever changed my opinion about jailbreaking my phone. Because of your hatred, I will cease my 3 year jailbreaking habit immediately, and pray for forgiveness. You have shown me the light.

Uh, the facebook app doesn't support Videos. If only newgrounds made an iPhone version of their site

Frash...lolpoor apple users. Dont you listen! Yourleader has spoke and flash is bad. Mkay.

@Bob, yeah if you took a second to read half these posts its iPhone users saying that there really isn't a need for flash anymore. As "Our Leader" predicted its going obsolete in the near future. Most webmasters have already started eliminating/replacing it. So instead of trolling boards for a phone you don't like, by a company you hate. Why don't you go get your droid-on somewhere else.

Hmm, oh well. Doesn't technically matter to me.
If I ever get on a website with some Flash, I'll use my HTC Hero. It has Flash Lite and it runs fine... ON AN HTC HERO (Note: Old hardware). Then again, most of the time I rarely see the use of Flash on a mobile device.
If, and if ever, it's usually for Flash movies (Not, decoded movies like Youtube). Newgrounds is an example of one of those sites.

I'm going to wait until it's alittle more polished. Even though it might be a novelty to me it'll be anutha reason I can tell a droid os owner to shut da h3ll up. Lol

@Carolinamaniac.. i don't understand your basis for being able to tell the "droid os owner to shut da h3ll up".. could you please explain?

flash app ,frash!! a gooooooooooooooooooood news for me !! i am waiting for a long time , i am a movie fans, i have to converter the flash files to which my iphone 4 supporse with my aneesoft iphone video converter . which seem a litte trouble ~~

Like or not I do want to be able to chose, I want to be the one that decide if I install or not install flash, java or any other plugin or software... why let someone else limit my options or chose for me?
So I did jailbreak my iPad and after 3 iPhone (2g, 3g, 3gs) I switched to Android (htc desire)... for me is a matter of be able to choose...

Have 3gs on 3.1.3. Will frash work on the iOS 3.1.3? Do not want to upgrade to iOS 4 till it hits 4.1.

@FlyBoy @iphone boy - yes, frash works for the 3GS, i have it installed on one.
@FlyBoy, do not discuss methods of app piracy. period. your comment referring to a method of piracy has been removed. we don't endorse nor tolerate methods of piracy being discussed anywhere on TiPb.

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I happen to like Frash, it has come in handy for me, yes I know it's buggy, but hopefully more work will be carried out on it.

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