iPad App Store passes three billion app downloads

iPad App Store passes three billion app downloads

ABI Research has a new study showing the iPad App Store has hit three billion downloads since it debuted in 2010.

The iPhone took as long as two years before being able to achieve this level of downloads, while the iPad made it within nearly a year and a half.

This represents roughly 19 percent of all iOS App Store downloads combined, which is a significant slice of the pie in terms of Apple's mobile ecosystem.

In comparison, Android tablets only have around 440 million app downloads thus far, or just a little under one sixth of the amount from Apple's fledgling -- but wildly successful -- tablet device.

Source: ABI Research

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iPad App Store passes three billion app downloads


Aww..!! This is just awesome. I cant even imagine that one iPad can have over 140,000 apps. But this seems that the technology is going beyond our expectations.

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