Updated with Video: iPad App Store, tons of iPad app screenshots leaked!


BGR scored a huge round of iPad app screenshots and a look at the on-device iPad App Store CoverFlow (above).

There also seems to be a shot of what iPhone apps look like in the iPad App Store, including a camera-based app? (Spotted by Boxcar's @jdg)

UPDATE: MacStories (via 9to5Mac) has posted a video showing what it's like to browse the App Store on the iPad. Embedded after the break!

Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video from Federico Viticci on Vimeo.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Updated with Video: iPad App Store, tons of iPad app screenshots leaked!


Oh great, there's a Tinkerbell game. Looks like I know what my first app will be.
(For my daughter, of course...)

They all look pretty cool. I noticed that some shots had the % battery indicator in the status bar, while others didn't. And it didn't seem to appear on the intro keynote. Hopefully that will be there. I hate not having it on my iPhone 3G.

that camera app popped out at me as well. i'm pretty convinced that apple's gonna throw in a surprise camera

Yo Rene...nice post, but I had to break out my laptop to view it. Is there no video converter that will change flash to something my iPhone can watch (and soon to be iPad)? Cheers and good post though, even if it took 2 steps :)

OMG!!!! The ******* vimeo link is right under the flash video, click the damn link and you can watch it from your iPhone [/rant]

I wish I was getting an ipad, I'd prob carry it around more than my laptop, has apple mentioned anything about printing support?

@Dragonfly - Yes! Coverflow as task-viewer-killer! You're hired. Now if some battery-life notification's added to let users know "Hey, Dude, you got 6 apps in the background, maybe we really will get multitasking (or at least on the iPad).

I'm glad he clicked on Real Racing HD since I'm fully addicted to the current version and curious about the new one. It's pricey. Looks from the screenshots that the tracks and cars are the same, with differences in customization of their paint jobs and overhead view of race replay. Meh. Unless there are some new functional driving features (shifting, boost, new car categories, section timing), new tracks, night or rain races, and/or online multi-player, Firemint has neglected their roots. Real Racing excels because it is more of a simulator than a shallow, flashy arcade game. RR HD better have more than this for core RR fans.