iPad to Make Emergency Phone Calls?


9to5mac.com has just posted a interesting little iPad tidbit -- it seems as if Apple's latest creation has the ability to make emergency calls.

The image above is a screen shot taken from within the iPad SDK emulator. To get to the emergency call screen the developer simply enabled the passcode lock and entered in the wrong password five times.

So why would Apple include this within the iPad? Is it a FCC thing because the iPad is a wireless device on a cellular network? Perhaps it's something left over from the iPhone and will be removed before launch? Our take is that if the iPad can make emergency calls, it can make regular calls and maybe not out of the box but with a little hackery.

Do you think it's possible we will see some sort of call feature when the iPad drops at the end of this month?


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iPad to Make Emergency Phone Calls?


I hope it can do both. I think there are plenty of people who would be fine using a Bluetooth headset with a device like this.

I do NOT want to be locked into a cellular contract with this device. The only reason I will pick up a 3G version in April is that I think it would be cool to have data wherever I go. If it will be able to make calls over the AT&T network natively, I will not want a contract. Skype anyone?

I dont understand why people want the iPad to make calls. It is 10 inches, who wants to carry that around to make calls instead of an iPhone or any other small cell phone?

Just to clarify.
1) You DO have microphone on the iPad.
2) There is no Cellphone chip on the iPad.
3) The iPad Simulator doesn't comes with a passcode lock, so this is a Hoax. Probably is an App made on Xcode to simulate a native Phone.

I think it's a simulator bug. This is the iPhone software so of course there are iPhone reminants.

Hella breaking news!
Seriously this could change a lot.
It's too big for a phone but I'll hold it up to my ear nonetheless lol.
You guys should have done a photoshop with someone holding an iPad up to their ear.

It's a function that is already there. Why not provide the option. Also, I think you may see a front facing camera on the 3g models and not on the wifi models. This would keep with the deciCion to leave it off the touch.

@INono There are lots of things included in the iPhone Simulator that aren't loaded when you "play" with it. You just have to know where to look in the 3.2 firmware folder

Glitch in the simulator I'm thinking. My Vodafone 3G dongle is connected to a telephone network when I hook it up to my laptop... doesn't mean I can make an emergency call from my laptop. I doubt very much there would be the ability in an actual iPad.
Just a hangover from them using the same OS as the iPhone.

I think it's a glitch or a fake. As I recall you have to have a phone number to dial 911...

With a mobile broadband modem, you can change the sim card, connect it to a computer and make regual phone calls. So if you have a sim card thats not only connect to the internet it probably would work hack the iPad, change the sim card to a "regular" sim card and make regular phone calls.

I think obviously this is a VoIP SIP service, which WOULD run over the data-only connection -- which SHOULD be integrated by Apple at the core OS level! That would be awesome, and about time!

That would be perfect if it were possible to make calls on iPad, at least emergency calls. This device is great, but it would be a lot greater with this function.

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