Playboy for iPad will be an optimized website, no change to app store policy!

The "mystery" surrounding Hugh Hefner’s recent announcement that Playboy will be available on the iPad complete and uncensored has been solved and it's pretty much what we expected -- Web App.

The new site will go live on May 18 and will be available at (it currently returns a 404 page not found error but that will change as soon as it goes live). The iPad Playboy site will have a subscription charge of $8 a month for access to the fully uncensored content. It will also provide complete access to every previous issue of Playboy magazine.

We were reasonably sure that Playboy would not appear as an app due to Apple’s strict App Store content restrictions; but what do you think? Does it make a difference not having a Playboy app? Is an optimized site good enough if it’s done well? Should Apple allow you more choice with this type of content? Let us know in the comments!


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Playboy for iPad will be an optimized website, no change to app store policy!


Oddly enough, the porn industry might light the publishers back to the proper way to cut a magazine... by publishing it as a web app.
Publishers, you want to control? You have the control if you want it! You just have to use the tools that are right in front of your face!

Not even just publishers. There are a LOT of developers that could do to learn from this example. Web apps are a very good alternative to native apps. There are really not that many cases where a native app is actually better than a web app, especially since web apps can be made easily cross platform.

I fully support Apple in banning adult/suggestive apps and content. People have the web app avenue if they desire. Apple is catering to a large array of customers, many of whom aren't keen on being hit with a barrage of indecent apps, and many others who are children. Apple taking the high ground is both fiscally wise, as well as morally correct.

yeah, fiscally wise in that they don't need to invest in a better system to sort apps and enact any age verification... as for morally correct... I resent the implication that if I read playboy (or any other magazine like it) It makes me immoral. God be with your reverend, see you latter at the liquor store!

the end of your comment is a little unnecessary, but i see your point. however, you must admit that Ron has a point with having a more segregated (and protected from, we'll say, "innocent" eyes) App Store, should apps like this ever be accepted. by American standard, Playboy IS "indecent", however IF Ron is passing judgement, that, too, is unnecessary.

Well it's not even that hard for them to do. They already have the 17+ warning confirmation window of udder worthlessness and annoyance. Instead of that stupid pop-up notification all they need to do is have your account require a specific PIN or password that you set and don't share with your "innocents".

Ron does have a point in all fairness. And Apple can limit who sees what content when they go to the app store. I suppose this is like Netflix not having the full range of available/rentable content in order to be a more mainstream and family friendly company. Like Ron said "Apple is catering to a large array of customers, many of whom aren’t keen on being hit with a barrage of indecent apps" . It would be easy to set up a filtering process for content type... and well I would love the app store to get an extreme make over with how it sorts apps, or displays them. I'm not a gamer, and I'm tired of getting a barrage of gaming apps.

But what is indecent? what if the app is from a company like Sinclair, it could be argued their content if for information and education, and is not porn but IS adult oriented. Also, what if an app is for a "self exam" that has step by step instruction photos before you go see a Doctor... some would call such images indecent.

Agreed! 100%, actually. But that is the point that you and I have both made with the filtering option argument. That would make things easier for everyone. And I really like your Netflix point; that's exactly what's going on at Apple, too, it would seem.

Is it 1992?
Sorry, but I really believe that Playboy is TERRIBLY passé and has really outlived its welcome.

disagreed. i'm not gonna make any age jokes, but playboy is still relevant today. just so you know. and i'm 22. no, i don't have a subscription, but look at their stats and earnings... HUGE!

It isn't. He was just looking for somewhere he could use his "word of the day" from that calendar his mother gave him for Christmas.

Here is a better idea. Make the app store age sensitive. When a "child" with innocent eyes logs into an ipad, the web browser/app store is censored for his/her age range. If an adult logs in, the censors are removed and the man/woman can download all the dirty apps they want.
I hate hearing how the app store must be catered to children and their barney/coloring book apps. Children aren't dishing out the dough for these devices, adults are. Don't step on the toes of the people buying these devices.

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