iPad with Spirit jailbreak gets external HDD access

A Spirit-jailbroken iPhone has been combined with the iPad USB camera kit to allow external HDD access, once again proving no amount of lockdown or lockout can stop a dedicated users from getting the functionality they want.

Sure, it's a bit of a hack but we've got a Spirit jailbreak guide to help you out and Time-More.com provides step-by-step instructions to get your HDD mounted.

Video after the break. If you give it a try be sure to let us know how it works for you.

[Time-More.com via Engadget]

YouTube link

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Reader comments

iPad with Spirit jailbreak gets external HDD access


Once Terminal works on the iPad, we wont need to use a laptop to allow this trick
As i was told

It's a shame to see what great possibilities a jailbroken iPad has compared to what Apple allows. If Apple built in HDD-access, widgets and stuff like that to the standard software or at least allow those apps in the app store, the iPad would be a real great device. But having to jailbreak it to allow such things is a real pity.

What is the point? It wasn't that long ago that my desktop pc only had a 650 MB hd. I personally don't see the need to have a terabyte on my ipad.
That said, it is neat to see what people are finding ways to use these devices for.
Now, if only Apple would allow me to plug my iPhone into the cassette deck on my '73 pacer to control the entire car.


"But having to jailbreak it to allow such things is a real pity."

People will spend days re-painting houses they've bought, but refuse to spend mere seconds jailbreaking their iPhones (that can be restored just as quickly and easily to protect their warranties).

Is it really that difficult to see the comparison between altering a $150,000 purchase over a period of days with no concerns, and a fear of altering a measly $400 purchase in a matter of seconds, that isn't even permanent?
Should you be walking around in your condition?
If you want these features on the iPad, just put them on. It doesn't have to be a pity.

Last I heard apples push to make jailbreaking illegal didn't go anywhere. Correct me if I'm wrong(I mean that seriously not sarcasticly)

@aamir hdd is hard disk drive and if you don't know what it is it your pc/mac uses to save files cache etc..

@Pinny - Don't be fooled into thinking that jailbreaking is illegal in any way shape or form. You purchased the device and own it so you are free to do whatever you'd like with it.
Apple's whining that it's illegal is a feeble attempt to strike fear into the masses to try and retain control over what can and cannot be installed on the devices that they sell. It wouldn't stand for a minute if they ever went to court with it.
You can paint the house that you own and you can 'paint' the iPad with any software that you choose as well. Big Brother (Apple) may be watching, but they can't stop you.