More iPhone 2.2 Google Goodness: Transit, Walking, Street-View, and Share Location!

Dieter's been saying for a long time that Google hearts the iPhone -- and why wouldn't it, it delivers an incredible amount of mobile eyeballs for advertising. We've also said that the ultimate edge the iPhone enjoys over Android is that while Google produces great service for both Android and the iPhone, Apple only produces for the iPhone. The iPhone gets the best of both worlds. Latest case in point, iPhoneYap (via Apple Insider) has posted extensive screenshots of the new Google Maps 2.2, and it looks like we're getting:

  • Public transit directions (including schedule info)
  • Walking directions
  • Street view
  • Location Sharing

Since Google pimped out Street View for Android already, it's no big surprise that the iPhone (and other mobile platforms) are getting it as well. Same thing happened with cell tower location services last year. Still, we're hoping Apple's usual UI expertise will make this a particularly good implementation. No word yet, however, if we'll be getting Android-style real-time rotation...

Sampling of images after the jump, see the full gallery at iPhoneYap


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The Reptile says:

I can't see a world where Google neglects a platform that delivers eyeballs - and right now the iPhone is delivering a lot of them. Not only that but AT&T can tell you the demographic that they are in. When you consider that the logical link between the two is selling ads to the stores at the street level and you can see what Google is after - monitozing the street view maps. Whatever it means to what's become quite the Intelligence organization it's all coolness to the iPhone user community if they deliver what's in these pictures.

StarSoft says:

Gizmodo had an announcement about this also ( They say there wont be copy/paste either in the new firmware.
So the only thing they changed (sa far we know) is allow you to toggle autocorrection and a new safari browser? Sure google is updates, but that has not much to do with the firmware i think, just an app that is updated. Same with Safari...
Oh o forgot the implementation of line-in audio. Ok, something has changed in the firmware...

zamarr says:

will this come with a update for the iPod touch ?

lev says:

will the new safari browser stop the Internet crashes? If anybody know or think they know please give feedback.

mr. Hi-Definition says:

I'm so glad this is coming to the iPhone in the next firmware update. I was playing with my friend's G1 and street view looks cool.

PSM says:

Hey that picture is a few blocks up the street from my apartment.

frog says:

It's excellent that Apple are providing lots of new, and free, features.

ilanasense says:

google navigation and iphone: can we predict location based interaction with real live people based on maps iphone apps? someone will definitely come up with a dating tool that takes advantage of this great combo

Patents says:

How can I add all sources to Cydia/Installer on my Iphone 2.2?I jailbroke my iPhone 2.2 the other day and I wanted to know how to add all sources for either Installer or Cydia. I've seen videos on how to do so, but they only seem to work on earlier firmwares ( and blaze co don't work).

PRWeb Alternative says:

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