iPhone 3.0: Location Aware Google Search via Safari

iphone 30: safari: location aware search

Google Blogs (via Gizmodo) has announced that the long-rumored Geo-Location based services in Mobile Safari are indeed included in iPhone 3.0 and being put to use in "My Location" searches by Google.com on the iPhone.

As of today, when you visit www.google.com from Safari on your iPhone 3.0, you can choose to turn on My Location by tapping on the link on the homepage. When you tap on the "update" link, your location will be updated and displayed right there on the homepage. Whenever you want to refresh your location, just tap the "update" link. Testing this in New York, my search for "jazz clubs" returned a handful of places within walking distance. I picked one, tapped the phone number, made a reservation, and we were set for the night.

As to privacy concerns, Google stresses the service is opt-in and can be turned off via the Preferences link at the bottom of the page.

Good news for those looking for a local burger joint, bad news for those hoping Latitude wouldn't be stuck in the browser...

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.0: Location Aware Google Search via Safari


Is anybody else tired of every app needing to know my location???? I would turn it off but I do need it sometimes.

All I want is Google Latitude to work with my iPhone - What the crap are they waiting for?! le sigh.

@Josh H. if you put your mouse over the censorship it shows the real word which I find funny.
I like this - but if I want to find things near me I just use Google Maps and then run the search there... I don't see how this is really a beneficial addition.

Seriously Liam darling? HOW do you get the search results?? UM, lets see - how about putting in your search topic and selecting Google Search. Good God must everything be explained?

I'd like more location aware services personally. Though I can understand how one reader is annoyed having to constantly deal with apps requiring location info, having apps that base results on location is to me what the iPhone/iPod Touch are all about.
MikeCell Phone Apps

Ok guy sorry but what I mean is do yu type in the location it gives yu and it tells you what's around. Please don't get mad at me I just don't understand what the point of it is.

Google grabs the info from your iPhones gps chip if you hit allow. You don't have to type in anything.

I use google maps for this. (Or around me or Urban Spoon, etc, etc, etc).
I can't see why I would want my search for generic information to be based on my location. If I need to find a computer parts store, how hard is it to add a city name?
The problem is, if you answer YES a few times it stops asking and just assumes YES. Then you are not even aware it is on by default from that point forward.
With 57.5 bazillion searches per day, I doubt Google has time to track anyone, but I fail to see where this provides any advantage to me, although I'm sure Google will find a way to monetize it.

I do not understand how this is better than simply using the maps app. In the example in the story, search 'jazz club' ought to return the same local business results, yes?

Google is all about using any information it can grab (legally) from users to do targeted marketing. Icebike is right that they will capitalize.
Anonymity has become myth, I think.
I usually need general information rather than local businesses...IDK, it's not a power feature for me.

I like the Google maps app as well, but one problem with that is it only gives you a limited number of results (e.g. a search for Italian restaurants might return 10 results in the maps app but 100 on the Google maps website. So this might be good, but I'd like to see the maps app improved.