iPhone App "Learn that Name" Wins at Microsoft-Sponsored Event -- Awkward!

Learn that Name for the iPhone, coming soon to the iTunes App Store for $2.99, beat out 14 other apps and walked away with top honour at the Startup Weekend's 54-hour coding marathon. Oh, and did we mention the event was sponsored by Microsoft, held on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, and was the only app NOT built on Microsoft's platform.

Said or

whispered Startup Weekend organizer Clint Nelsen into the microphone upon announcing the top voter getter.

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iPhone App "Learn that Name" Wins at Microsoft-Sponsored Event -- Awkward!


I would assume this was a big hit at the conference in large part because it IS a conference where people don't know each other. Not seeing a big use for this in a normal working situation. I mean it's a set of flashcards made from your contact manager and turned in to a game. Who is going to actually sit down and do flashcards of their contacts and see if they can guess their names? Ah, no, I don't think so.
I can think of much better ways to have fun. The other 15 apps in the competition must have been totally lame.

I almost want to know what the other apps were, seems as though they purposely let the only non-Microsoft app win.
I wouldn't buy it, but congrats to Apple and those Devs.

Hey, I didn't know where to contact you but your layout design looked messed up on internet explorer and firefox. Anyways, i just suscribd to your rss.