iPhone Apps for Less Addendum: Save Up to $30 on Navigon MobileNavigator

Navigon, makers of MobileNavigator [iTunes link] let us know that they're now running a:

special Thanksgiving promotion for its iPhone navigation app striving to help drivers avoid this year’s holiday traffic congestion. For 10 days only, (November 20-30) NAVIGON’s iPhone app, MobileNavigator will be on sale for $69.99 instead of $89.99 providing a $20.00 savings. In addition, NAVIGON’s Traffic Live feature is also on sale for $14.99 instead of $24.99.

If you've been waiting to pull the trigger, and price was your concern, how's

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iPhone Apps for Less Addendum: Save Up to $30 on Navigon MobileNavigator


Still too pricey for me. Unless it was from an iTunes gift card someone bought me.

Had no problem paying 88.95 for this before the upgade to 1.3 ! App worked great ! Since I updated to 1.3 major bugs on this new version ! If you read the reviews there seem to ne a lot of people with same issues since new upgrade ! Tried soft reset , system restore and deleted app and reinstalled from Itunes and no fixes for bugs ! Navigon will not answer my emails at this point and I here the same thing about no response from Navigon from other reviews as well ! Anyone out there with any ideas how to fix or get Navigon to respond to a lot of very unhappy people out there !!!!!!!!!

I also had major problems after upgrade. Did clear phone memory then restore from backup followed by delete and reinstall program. Also I needed to block in-app purchases otherwise it prompts for the iTunes password every time the app launches.
At $70 it's still a lot cheaper than Google. An hour drive across the border using Google would probably exceed $700 in data roaming charges.