iPhone Bluetooth File Transfer... for Jailbreak!

First Jeremy tells us about Jailbreak getting (yet another dose of) cut/copy and paste love, now it's Bluetooth File Transfer. What's next, A2DP Stereo Bluetooth? iSigh. Spazziocellulare (via BGR) says:

iBluetooth application is not yet finished. As soon as will be complete, it will be hosted in Cydia throught the iSpazio Repository.

Just goes to show whatever vacuum Apple leaves, the hackers will fill! Check out the video and let us know what you think. Anyone itching to try this functionality out?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone Bluetooth File Transfer... for Jailbreak!


If only the iPhone could download files from the net then this would be more useful for me

It can download files from the net...again, only for jailbroken iphones
Regarding copy+paste, you guys did not mention hClippboard yet, its even better than clippy

Another reason to jailbreak methinks.. but not sure if id use it. i used to send pictures and videos to my friends when i was about 16 but not really all that fussed now and if i do have a funny pic i'll just tweet it. Agree that apple were silly to leave it out but its all down to their strategy of lockdown, its not like we have a file manager and somewhere to keep files etc without the need for 3rd party apps. iphone though cool is still an ipod touch with a phone and gps chip in it. heres hoping that 3.0 will make it more of the smartphone it should and could be.

I have installed cydia to jailbreak my iphone 3g but i cant transfer files to my phone.