iPhone and iPod touch users on iOS 3.1.3 having trouble with App Store downloads

Issues in App Store when downloading apps under iPhone OS 3.1.3

Reports in Apple's Support Community suggest some users running on older iOS 3.1.3 firmware are no longer able to download apps from the App Store after Apple pushed out an update on December 16th.

Specifically, when users jump into the App Store and try to download any app, the download button is completely missing altogether. Although fragmentation within Apple's iOS ecosystem is extremely limited -- at least compared to the closest competition with Google -- some users are still running older iOS versions.

There's currently no fix outside of upgrading to a newer version of iOS, but for some users with older devices that simply don't support current iOS versions, this could become a serious problem if Apple doesn't come up with some sort of fix on the backend.

Source: Apple Support Communities via Engadget

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Reader comments

iPhone and iPod touch users on iOS 3.1.3 having trouble with App Store downloads


Apple needs to address this ASAP
This wont affect me either way, but I can understand the frustration from those who dont want to upgrade their hardware and now they cant get the apps they want.

People who dont want to upgrade dont deserve the features that come with it... they shouldn't administer any fix

The problem has been fixed. I downloaded a few free apps onto my 3g/ios 3.1.3 a few minutes ago, and everything is fine.

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What about downloading in iTunes and syncing the phone?
I'm still using my first generation iPhone. I don't have a problem with not getting newer firmware, but locking me out of the app store is a foolish way to attempt to prompt a hardware upgrade. I have a feeling this is likely a mistake. Apple makes plenty of those, like everyone else.

I just had this problem of being able to upgrade my ipod touch 1st generation ios to 3.1.3 with my Mac running iTunes 10.5.2, I was able to go on an older PC (my 7 yr olds) that still had an older version of iTunes on it. I believe 10.4 I then went to the ios3.1.3 update download, it then prompted me I needed the latest iTunes, so it updated to iTunes 10.5.2, and the ios started downloading. So it is still possible to update to the ios 3.1.3 if need be. Apple charges $4.95 to do so on a 1st generation iPod Touch. So far I haven't had any issues getting apps on it. :)

Upgrade your devices already people.. If your rocking a first Gen iPhone, more than likely you are eligible for a upgrade. At least go out and get yourself the 3gs for free or something.