iPhone OS 2.2.1 Jailbreak -- Incredibly Complicated Instructions Edition

The illustri-notorious Dev Team has blogged about Jailbreaking iPhone OS 2.2.1, released by Apple earlier this week.

Simple version: You can now Jailbreak, if you haven't already upgraded to 2.2.1 via iTunes, are using a Mac, aren't affected by the OS X 10.6 DFU-mode bug, and -- if you want to keep using yellowSn0w for unlock -- are happy to spin your own custom firmware.

Complex version: involves closing the barn door -- see here.

(For community-based jailbreaking advice and support, please check out our Jailbreak Central Forum)

Hopefully an easier solution will surface when the Dev Team has spent more time hacking away at iPhone OS 2.2.1. Until then, the cat and mouse game continues!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 26 comments. Add yours.

Victor says:

The jailbreak is easy. The unlock is hard. I used Aptbackup and did a sync before updating. Ran QuickPwn (PC) after, downloaded Aptbackup again from Cydia, ran it and had all my apps back in minutes. The entire process was compleated while watching one episode of BSG.

jodiz1 says:

Can I update and remain jb with my 3g?

Charlie says:

Yeah what about those who are ALREADY jailbroken and want to update? It seems like everyone is covering how to jailbreak 2.1.1, but I want to update and keep my jailbreak. Can someone break down the process for iPhone 3G?

JP says:

Sure. For the iPhone 3g, it's fairly simple: DO NOT UPDATE TO THE NEW FIRMWARE ON WINDOWS IF YOU USE YELLOWSN0W! Period. The baseband WILL be updated and you WILL NOT be able to use yellowsn0w again with the new baseband anytime soon.
The only way you can update to 2.2.1 on the 3g is if you use a mac and pwnagetool to create your own firmware that EXCLUDES the baseband update.
However, if you use AT&T, you do not have to worry about unlocking. Just update and jailbreak as usual.
That's it. Now we wait for a good sameritan with a mac to make us a firmware without the baseband update. (I, too, am waiting for someone to make a firmware without a baseband update...)

Ana says:

def have to read all that when i get home.
To be on the safe side I'm waiting a couple days to see if people are experiencing problems.

Victor says:

I was JB before and I am JB now. You just have to redo the process. Use Aptbackup to keep the apps that you currently have. I don't use yellowsn0w so I can't comment on that.

Michael Coyle says:

JP, I'm confused by your comment:
"use a mac and pwnagetool to create your own firmware that EXCLUDES the baseband update...
Now we wait for a good sameritan with a mac to make us a firmware without the baseband update."
I have no problem factory restoring my phone, upgrading to 2.2.1 and jailbreaking. I just want to make sure everything I need is at my fingertips.
When I did it for 2.2.0, I downloaded "iPhone1,22.25G77CustomRestore.ipsw". That seems to be a piece of the puzzle I'm missing for 2.2.1. Is this something I can make myself?

Michael Coyle says:

Wait, I think I understand. The PC users need a someone with a Mac to make the ipsw file. Correct?

Cristo says:

So how does it work for a first gen iPhone that's already jailbroken?? I just wanna upgrade with loosing all my things

Cristo says:

Without loosing anythin I meant**

Stefan says:

I have an iPhone 3G with fireware 2.2.1 and i want to jailbreak it. So i did some research and i found out that there is a new fireware of Quickpwn. With "Bit-torrent" i downlaodad Quickpwn 2.2.5 and with this programm i could jailbreak my iPhone 3G with fireware 2.2.1. You just need Quickpwn 2.2.5. The way to use is the same like before.

JP says:

Michael: that is correct. I'm on my iphone 3g rght now so I'll post a link for you 3g users. I used a custom firmware for my fone and it came out fabulous. I have trouble win my media player at times though. I'm sure this happened before but it's jittery on the iphone movie player when I play streaming vids.

JP says:

Stefan: the method you posted is only for those who DONT use yellowsn0w.

JP says:

cristo: just backup your stuff in iTunes and jailbreak. then recover everything.
Here's a link for the 3g unlock WITHOUT the baseband update. Installer has been removed because it sucks. lol
1. Download aptbackup from Cydia and backup your Cydia stuff if you've already jailbroken.
2. BACK UP YO'S THANGS! lmao This has become a huge problem for those who are new to this.
1. Put your 3g in DFU mode.
2. Recover with this software
3. Apply your backups from what you backed up before.

Jroo96 says:

"I have an iPhone 3G with firmware 2.2.1 and i want to jailbreak it. So i did some research and i found out that there is a new firmware of Quickpwn. With “Bit-torrent” i downlaodad Quickpwn 2.2.5 and with this programm i could jailbreak my iPhone 3G with fireware 2.2.1. You just need Quickpwn 2.2.5. The way to use is the same like before."
I have ATT, and I had my phone jailbroken and awesome, then like an idiot, accidentally updated to 2.2.1...now I have run the process again several times and it seems to work...but when my phone restarts, nothing has changed! Can anyone help me please?

Norm says:

Im sorry to jump in but I have never jailbroken my phone before and I am running on 2.2.1 with my iPhone 3g. I am plannin to jailbreak it but Need some pointers.
What is the difference with yellowsnow, redsnow, bluesnow, pinksnow???
Am I suppose to use quickPWN? Is quickPWN related with the snow's? lol

Kirin Kirin says:

I have iPhone 3G. Running Leopard 10.5.6 on MacBook early 2008. Already upgraded to 2.2.1 via iTunes. Never jailbroke my phone before but now want to unlock it to use with different SIM card for a few months.
Can I just use Quickpwn 2.2.5 for Mac? Do I need to downgrade my 2.2.1 iPhone 3G to just 2.2 ? Will the baseband be good for the Quickpwn tool?
Would it work to jail break my iPhone 3G that I usually use from my Mac from a Windows Vista PC using Quickpwn for Windows?

Tone Def says:

@Kirin: your macbook will not recognize your iphone in DFU mode. You'll need to install a command line bundle from the earlier (10.5.5) OS. Google search "enabling DFU iphone macbook 10.5.6" to find the items that need to be downloaded and installed.
You should also read some other blogs about jailbreaking 2.2.1. Find the correct jailbreak process that will allow you to jailbreak AND unlock, because a few of them out there won't install a baseband that will allow unlocking. I think the new PNGage Tool for mac is the only one that does, but don't quote me on that.

Tone Def says:

@Kirin: here's a forum that has the file you need to download and install, as well as instructions... www.hackint0sh.org/forum/f146/60657.htm ...now, here's the catch: all of the blogs I've been on say you need to switch back to the 10.5.6 (you will be installing the 10.5.5) firmware after you jailbreak and/or unlock. You're on your own for that.

Rahul says:

I had used quick own 2.2.5 but as my iPhone goes into recovery mode byotself my vista doesn't recognize it. And my iPhone gets locked and then I have to put it in DFU mode and restore it again. But each time my iPhone fails to tell quickpwn that it has gone onto the recovery mode what should I do??

Alan says:

I have a 2.2 3G jailbroken. i don`t use yellowsn0w. is there a problem if i upgrade it to 2.2.1 through iTunes?

Rahul says:

Quickpwn doesn't work in vista

Michael says:

I have Iphone 3G with 2.2.1 software.
How to jailbreak and unlock this without losing any feature ?
I only have windows vista.

maninder says:

I had Iphone 2g 8gb with 2.2 version....... i jailed breaked it before.. thnx for ur lovely softwares...
today i updated it with 2.2.1(unfortunately) then i tries to jail break it with ur given new softwares... but it was not successful ...showing error as..SIM CARD NOT DETECTED...
then again i RESTORED my phones software with ur technique( SHIFT+ restore) to 2.2 version from Itunes...
Now i tried to do the process of jailbreaking again as i did the very first time for 2.2... BUT
after that it is showing the same error when i insert my own SIM...
pltz help..ASAP

ruben2647 says:

hey maninder, have you found help??? Im having the exact same situation... I've tried restoring to all the previous version 2 firmwares and nothing. I cant seem to open any copy/version of Pwntool...

IEVLV8 says:

Hey Guys
i have found heaps of useful and useless info round the traps
i have 3 problems

  1. i didn't know bout any of the baseband stuff so i have a iphone 3G running 2.2.1 with baseband 02.30.03 so what can i do?
  2. I have a new mac (my first one) unibody running mac oxs 10.5.6 what do i need to do to use jail break
  3. What is Yellowsn0w and all these terms i keep reading eg. Yellowsn0w, baseband and so on?

i have read bout and tried to jail break but quickpwn just hangs when it get to the stage "quickpwn is running on iphone" and i get the itunes error saying cant find iphone.
basically i don't really need to unlock my iphone to use other providers i like the one i got and they the only one in Australia that really supports the iphone stuff
i want to jail break it how can i do this with stuffing up my mac or my iphone