iPhone OS 4 beta 5 doesn't show, does that mean GM seed might soon be a go?

Since introducing iPhone OS 4 beta, Apple has kept a rigorous every-2-weeks-on-the-Tuesday update schedule through beta 4... until yesterday. Yesterday, the next Tuesday in line for beta, came and went with nary a beta 5 in sight.

Could be late, or it could be with WWDC 2010 less than a week away Apple is holding off to release the iPhone OS 4 GM (gold master) seed at the show? (Like they did last year for iPhone 3.0).

If you're stuck waiting, we've updated our iPhone OS 4 preview and feature walkthrough, so check that out and let us know what we're missing, and what you're still expecting!

Rene Ritchie

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OmariJames says:

I wonder if apple will give the update out on or the day after WWDC. Maybe that's why the beta is late or might not be released. Thanks for updating the walkthrough too.

dloveprod says:

I hope they release the new itunes too, I really wanna keep my folders like they are without having to redo them.

Yourofl10 says:


jonar1us says:

i told ya so LAST week suckas

fassy says:

If Beta 4 was the last beta, what was the final disposition of the home button assignment, regarding both multitasking and double-click to perform an action, in my case Phone Favorites? This disappeared earlier (beta 3?), but I did not try beta 4, so I have no idea if/how this came back.

DataCentre says:

I’m thinking that there was no Beta 5 released yesterday because of the Memorial Day weekend and Memorial Day falling on the Monday.
If this is the case, I would expect a Beta 5 today or tomorrow.

OneOfDaKine says:

No, I think they will release Beta 5 later on today since Monday was a Holiday...

DataCentre says:

That's what I just said One.

Steve Jobs says:

Beta 5 is now available!

Anonymous says:

@Steve Jobs
No it isn't, 5H17 FUC*.

snakes2003g says:

I am thinking 4.0 is going to be finished within a few days and we will get the update monday at the earliest. they want to release the software before the new hardware comes out cause it will lighten the load on their servers with everyone activating their new phones and whatnot. All i know is i can't wait. and what is the deal with att and their new data plans? they suck.

OneOfDaKine says:

@Chris Brideaux:
Thanks. Forgot to press "Publish" on time..

Paul Abke says:

What happened to the option for larger fonts. This font size is too small.

dloveprod says:

They should release the GM Friday lol

WyseOne says:

It will be released Monday June 7th.

WyseOne says:

I hope this GM resolved my VPN issue. I have not seen anyone else complain about it but I tested the VPN settings on a 3.0 phone and it works fine. I have tried restoring and setting up mine on 4.0 beta 4 2 times and everytime I try to enable VPN it automatically shuts itself off instantly and I cannot edit or add VPN, it just hangs for the longest time before booting me back to settings.

WyseOne says:

Only way to remove the VPN profile I added is to reset network settings.